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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 3-5, 2014


Recycle Utah thanks Vail Resorts

Recycle Utah’s conservation education matters. Vail Resorts agrees by awarding us one of their Epic Promise grants. We thank Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort for their support in presenting water conservation lesson plans to more than 3,500 students every year. Our educators visit classes in both in Summit and Wasatch Counties. Teachers welcome Recycle Utah’s lessons and local students are our best environmentalists.

We are thrilled to have the support of 30 Canyons employees at our Water Festival each year. They make excellent tour guides. We all agree to save water, because we can’t live without it.

Wishing you a healthy planet,

Insa Riepen, Executive Director

Recycle Utah

* * *

One Year Later


We too, as Trevor Adrian, love Christina Miller. We are especially grateful for her efforts on behalf of the Park City High School and Winter School young adult students. She stepped up when they needed an adult leader to champion their truth and have "their backs" in the aftermath of the infamous Winter School Graduation Party in Mountain Ranch Estates late November, 2013—that night is still seared indelibly into the brains of the parents.

We would also like to publically thank many other people that strode hand in hand with these students and shaped their lives for the better: Insa Riepen, Executive Director, Recycle Utah; the outstanding administration and teachers of PCHS led by Bob O’Connor, Principal; Dr. James Stray-Gundersen MD, SG Alter-G Performance Medicine, USSA Sports Science Advisor, Kaatsu CMO; Leslie Thatcher, News Director and Host KPCW, and last but not least Tommy Tanzer Founder and Chairman of Back to our Roots Foundation and former PCHS teacher.

We are also thankful after the recent election, that Sheriff Justin Martinez ran a successful campaign to implement a Summit County wide Sheriff’s department based on community involvement. With the nation demanding pellucidity in policing it is our sincere hope that the new Chief will find the budget necessary to outfit all of his officers as well as their vehicles with Body-cam technology for transparency and trust building in the community.

One year later these resilient PCHS graduates are matriculated into colleges and universities doing well in freshman academics and excelling in sports and finding joy in life! It truly takes a village to raise a young adult into manhood. Yes Trevor, we too love Christina Miller as much as you, maybe more. Thank you Park City.

Joe and Carol Tesch


* * *

Drastic action needed to save our town


I have been racking my brain for a solution to the rapid deterioration of this beautiful gem of ours, Park City, to a slow-moving parking lot. What fun is it to drive to town to enjoy a good lunch in a restaurant if getting there is a struggle of self preservation?

Getting out of an area presents a new struggle just to get to the main egress to reach State Road 224 and more new restaurants are coming — as if we are all starving here.

With the rampant irresponsible building that goes on, many, I mean many, trucks and service people block the arteries. The question is what is enough, when is it enough and what to do.

We should require any new builder to consider walking away or better yet, give the land to free space and take a tax write-off. The people running this town need be shaken up as it is in their watch that this is going on.

No more communities, it is overwhelming already. I would even support a special tax, the revenues of which should go a group devoted to the task of slowing these "developers by putting money in their bank."

I would like judges to be aware of the pending disaster and do what is in their power, and the law, to slow this development. Adding circles and lights does not solve the problem, it exacerbates it. Blocking the arteries is akin to a heart attack and we are having one happening here, clear as day.

I even spoke to police people about drivers texting, talking on their phones and I spoke to the fire department about evacuation in case of emergency. I tried to cover all avenues I could come up with. I think what is going on is even overwhelming the police and other services.

Please don’t destroy this town, please don’t take the fun out of it. Don’t make it a plastic town full of chain restaurants and malls. This place is known for the beauty of nature, not its pastrami sandwiches. It known for driving through pastures full of horses and cows. Just imagine putting a two-story building between us and the horses, the horses would not be able to see us anymore! Please leave what is left.

Jack Karmel

Park City

* * *

Citizen takes aim at city’s gun attitude


I didn’t realize it was legal under Utah law to just flat out threaten someone — or is it just legal when you draw a gun in an "angry or threatening manner?" Is there any restriction if the threat is made in a slanderous or libelous way? I hope our City Council members were fully aware of their rights when they made the heated and perhaps threatening remarks while voting on this issue — it just doesn’t get much more contentious than calling the affair "simply irritating" while sadly pleading "do we have to?"

Nick Wright

Park City

* * *

Holiday giving must come from private, not public, sector


As we are in the season of giving and thanks… some are again saying, taking care of the poor and needy is a "Christian thing" to do.

I totally agree, but this is "never" to be done via the government. And let me explain the difference for all those well-meaning people who don’t understand.

When those in the private sector (churches, NGOs, charitable organizations…) provide for the poor, the sick, the elderly, the mentally incompetent, it is done using voluntary donations. And in such cases both parties benefit greatly.

The joy of giving is a wonderful blessing and creates a double benefit. This is what the Savior taught and it is why Christians are lauded as being compassionate and loving.

When governments dole out the welfare benefits there is no element of voluntary giving. The resources for that welfare come from taxes, which is forced confiscation (or legal plunder as some call it). We can’t choose not to pay our taxes. We must… no choice whatever. Bad politicians love to give away other people’s money.

The joy that could come from such government welfare giving is removed from the process… and both parties suffer. There is resentment from those who are taxed of their hard earned income; and those getting the benefits feel like it is an entitlement and don’t really appreciate the gesture. In fact, they often loath the giver… a government system that puts them down in the very act.

This basic difference makes government welfare totally contrary to Christian teachings. And the voluntary giving via the private sector becomes enshrined as true charity, as it should be.

I marvel that some good people, even in the LDS Church, can’t understand this simple difference. It is a vital distinction. One that clearly separates right from wrong.

James Carlyle Green

Heber City