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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 3-6, 2016

Submissions from Park Record readers


Post election, parents must redouble efforts to be better role models


I have good kids. They have spent their whole lives growing up in Utah, mostly in Park City. They have been taught by their teachers, the church, their athletic coaches, my lovely wife and myself that it is not OK to degrade other people. They know that it is not OK to be a racist. They know it is not OK to be a sexist. They know it is not OK to be prejudiced against people because of their religion. They know it is not OK to ridicule people who are disabled. They know it is not OK to lie. They not it is not OK for a billionaire to not pay taxes. They know that it is not OK that some of their former classmates and their families maybe deported.

Growing up in Park City they unequivocally know that global warming is not a hoax. They remember when it did not rain here in the winter. They remember when they skied on November 20th, not mountain biked.

Now that they are old enough to vote and exercised their right to vote they were devastated by the outcome of the presidential election as was I. The person that won embodies everything they have learned is wrong.

With the cabinet positions he has filled thus far, a Republican Congress and conservative Supreme Court our country is in a precarious situation. It is time to get vocal and act locally.

Mike Mooney
Park City

* * *

Summit County stands for compassion


I’m compelled to respond to “Sheriff must uphold the law regarding illegal immigrants” by Mr. Rob Baker you published last Saturday. Contrary to Mr. Baker’s assertion: The Sheriff’s and Park Record’s protective stance on behalf of our immigrant community does indeed identify and align with their constituency. That constituency includes me and the majority of voters in Summit County who do not support Mr. Trump’s reckless commentary on immigration reform.

Our local leaders are prudent in taking Mr. Trump literally, and the risks he represents seriously. I applaud them for taking action to calm the fears of our immigrant community and for clarifying their immigration enforcement policy boundaries.

Mr. Baker’s letter also implies Trump supporters were smarter than the rest of us in not taking Trump literally. That is an unfortunate rationalization. Most Trump supporters I know acknowledged his deep character flaws and vacant credibility but still voted on the basis of one or more opinions or fears in them he promised to champion or protect. That’s neither smart nor wise. It’s a sad and dangerous compromise of integrity. And it’s at the root of the deep post-election division between us, even between friends and families.

Let’s indeed go back to work. But not with the “calm” resignation Mr. Baker suggests. Mr. Trump is positioning changes to the heart and soul of our country. He has no such mandate. Those of us who define prosperity with an inclusive, compassionate, progressive world view need to remain engaged and ready to protect the vision of our country the majority of Americans voted for.
Park City

Judd Werner
Park City

* * *

Local student finds holiday shopping deals at recycling center


A loyal fan, and regular user, of our town recycling center, I pop into their warehouse once in a while, just out of curiosity, not because I necessarily need for anything in particular. But the other day when I stopped in, I found more of a shop than a warehouse, full of treasures, out on display and arranged like a real store. Everything from tableware to Christmas ornaments, great stocking stuffers, you name it, and all tagged with prices that anyone can afford. So just wanted to share that little bit of inside information.

The Warehouse supports Recycle Utah’s 24/7 recycling services, including the collection of over 45 hard-to-recycle materials. What a great resource for our village over the coming weeks of shopping till we drop. What a great resource generally!

Sophie Elliott
Park City

* * *

Recreation facilities don’t always require bricks and mortar


In response to The Park Record article dated Nov. 30, 2016 “Basin Rec picks 10 sites”: The article stated that $38.8 million was dedicated to a swimming facility and $26 million was dedicated to an ice rink. I wondered from where does this money come? Where will the money come from in the future?

I have lived in the Park City area since 1989. I have been to the Ecker Hill swimming facility once to watch my daughter complete her swimming certificate. I have never been to the ice skating facility. I believe in the commonwealth and in public facilities, but I also believe this money would be better spent on purchasing as much open space as possible.

Open space has low overhead. Open space will last for a very long time. With open
space, we won’t have to maintain any buildings or pay utilities or too
many salaries to manage the space. Our children won’t have to upgrade the buildings in 30 years (or 30 years after that).

Currently, if folks want to swim for a minimum cost they can go to Ecker Hill. If they want to skate, go to the existing skating rink. If there is demand beyond that, then folks could go to commercial enterprises and pay per use. Why do we have to keep building buildings? Is there no value in undeveloped space? Does open space have value?

Have I become a curmudgeon? Wouldn’t it be better to use this public money to
purchase the open space we were attracted to in the first place?

David Chambers
Park City

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