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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 31-Jan. 2, 2015

Submissions from Park Record readers

Someone absconded with Silver Springs Santa


There is a Grinch in Silver Springs! Imagine waking up to a wonderful white Christmas, go outside to shovel the front porch and walkway, and notice that during the night, Christmas Morning mind you, someone stole your 20-year-old, 4-foot-tall plastic snowman, bah humbug.

That plastic snow man has decorated our front porch for over 20 years. He was placed on a rebar pole to keep him from blowing away, and firmly plugged into a timer on our front porch. Who would do such a thing? Maybe someone had a little too much Christmas cheer at a party and decided they needed him? Someone didn’t plan well and needed a last-minute gift? Maybe he was spirited away to be placed somewhere festive? Who knows? All I know is that he is missed, and my now-adult children cannot believe that someone would do this.

So, to the Grinch who stole our Christmas decoration, please consider returning him to his rightful place. If you received a random gift of a 4-foot plastic snowman, slightly worn, maybe question the giver. Or, if you see him somewhere, please let us know so we can go get him back. Then all will be right in our world. Happy Holidays!

Megan and Hunt Williams

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Sandy Hook families enjoyed generous gift from Park City


Two years ago a senseless tragedy occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary where a troubled boy killed 20 children and 6 educators. The Park City community reached out to these families and invited them to spend a few days in the mountains to begin the healing process. This collective effort included luxurious lodging, airfare, ski passes, alpine slides, Zip Lines, mountain biking, entertainment, airport transfers, gift baskets, spending money and more. Over the past year, nine families travelled to our incredible town and they asked me to pass along their sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved. None of the kind-hearted sponsors sought publicity for their generous gifts, they just wanted to help. Thank you for believing in this effort and providing the means to make it happen.

Kate Sullivan

Volunteer Coordinator, Park City

Newtown Respite Effort

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Don’t let corporate greed take over ski industry

Vail Resorts recently purchased control over PCMR and the Canyons with the approval of our "justice" system. More controversy erupted when Vail threw out a locally owned coffee shop in the base area, supplanting it with Starbucks.

Giant corporations like Vail bring vast improvements to the infrastructure of our mountain communities, but we as citizens must continue to encourage these corporations to act in the best interest of all, including their workers.

What is not known by many guests is that the full-day private lessons that Deer Valley, Canyons, and Park City Mountain Ski Schools charge up to several hundred dollars for a day is that, in some instances, the instructor teaching the lesson makes a fraction of that working a full day. That sentence bears repeating. Are we China?

Greed and crony capitalism must be regulated in any democracy.

Lee Mulcahy

Aspen, Colo.