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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 5-8, 2015

Responsible pet owners shouldn’t be punished for bad ones


I commend Bart Nichols guest editorial in the Nov. 28 edition of The Park Record on the crackdown on off-leash dogs in the greater Park City area. I am the proud owner of several rescued pets, including three dogs, but is there any justice to those that originally abandon these animals because of sheer ignorance or the fact that they no longer fit into their own precious lifestyles?

Nearly any dog owner that has been entrusted with their care and well-being knows that most dogs larger than a shoebox, need room to run, and keeping them on-leash does little to satisfy that craving and their need for exercise. And while I very much appreciate the dog parks that we have, there is nothing quite like taking your dog for a hike and a romp in other areas not so designated.

We as a society need to entrust people to use common sense, and if their pets have issues when they encounter people, then of course they need to be controlled. Yet the great outdoors needs to be shared, whether it be with other hikers, mountain bikers, or yes, dogs, and all of us need to be respectful of others that we encounter. There will always be that fraction that doesn’t understand the term "sharing" and similarly being responsible whether it be the mountain biker who believes it’s their "right" to do as they please on a trail, or a dog owner that can’t control their animal. Laws are designed to protect the masses, but let’s not let the laws dictate common sense. Being responsible for the actions of your animals will always trump handing out tickets to address the issue of unleashed dogs. Ticketing should be reserved for the truly irresponsible, and not those that are being respectful of others and maintain control of their pets.

Dave Serena

Summit Park

* * *


Common courtesy: Imagine you are working at home on a project and realize that your screw driver is not there. Naturally you go over to your next door neighbor and ask to borrow one for a few minutes. Of course you bring it back as in wishing to be able to do so again. Next day you get in your car and drive to work, without a doubt you run into cars trying to make a left, trying to get into the highway, trying to go to work just like you. Hmmm, if you rush just a bit you could prevent this car from turning, leaving him to wait on the good manners of the next driver. Good luck. This very person you did not show courtesy on the road is none other than your neighbor from whom you borrowed the screwdriver. Think about it.

We are all neighbors, all live here and with just a little effort (really no effort at all) we could make this life easier at least on our commute. Try it some time, it feels good.

We all know that trying to slow the building craze here is a waste of effort, time,and frustration. All that is left for us is common courtesy. The next time it might be you on the benefiting end.

Jack Karmel

Park City

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