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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6-9, 2014


Film Series applauds its supporters


Once a year Park City comes together for a day of giving called Live/Give PC. It’s an amazing day and one of those times when we all realize what a special place this is and how fortunate we all are to be living here in this moment. I am blessed in your company.

As Board Chair of the Park City Film Series I want to thank those of you who supported your favorite local non-profit organizations, including ours, during this year’s Live/Give PC. It was truly inspiring to see such a generous outpouring of support from our small community.

One day of giving generates a huge impact and makes for a remarkable event but I want to ask you to get involved year round. Success is built through steady day by day efforts and we’re counting on you to help us build ours one weekend after another.

The Park City Film Series is launching a membership drive and you need to take a starring role.

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Film and media are the current language of our culture and the center of emerging Art, and while we love the advances in both the Art and Technology of filmmaking we also realize that with media ubiquity comes the trend toward individual screens and isolation of experience. We think that’s a sad trend and one that creates loneliness and insularity, just the opposite of the fun, friendly, mountain community we want to nurture and sustain.

Real community is built through relevant content, shared experience, and an active civic discussion.

For residents and visitors to Park City who are frustrated by media overload, chain theaters, and uninspiring choices in arts and entertainment, The Park City Film series thoughtfully curates independent film and media in the historic Jim Santy theatre and numerous venues throughout Summit County.

Unlike other choices, The Park City Film Series offers intellectually stimulating, quality film, perfectly projected, in fun venues that inspire, invigorate, and enhance the Summit County lifestyle and community.

It’s your turn to join the conversation. Don’t spend another weekend on the sidelines. Visit ParkCityFilmSeries.com. Become a sustaining member of the PCFS and help us enrich your world year round.

Matias Alvarez, Board Chair

Park City Film Series

* * *

Round Valley is hiding in the dark


Has anyone else had a hard time trying to find the entrance to the parking area at the dog park and the first left just off Round Valley Drive? As we approach the darkest time of year, those going to the National Ability Center and ice arena play a guessing game where to turn. Actually, this situation is true all year long. Can’t a light be installed to light up that very dangerous intersection?

Elizabeth "Betsy" Moore

Park City

* * *

Don’t give away the San Raphael Swell


Utah State Park officials and Emery County are proposing that 130,000 acres in the San Rafael Swell be turned over to the state for the purpose of expanding Goblin Valley State Park. This proposal includes lands west of the Goblin Valley Road, including Little Wild Horse Canyon, the San Rafael Reef Wilderness Study Area, and would incorporate popular off-road vehicle areas.

Given Utah’s funding (or lack thereof) for state parks, I am concerned. The budget for Utah’s state parks has been cut drastically over the last few years and the entire system is terribly underfunded. This raises the question about whether or not the state has the capacity to manage the area well. A new state park would likely be managed for the purpose of generating money for the state park coffers. This probably means imposing use fees and promoting ORV use that could dramatically increase damage to the area while sacrificing the primitive recreation experiences available there now.

The San Rafael Swell is an extraordinarily special place in terms of scenery, rock art, and primitive recreation that deserves better protection and management than the state of Utah can likely provide.

Marion Klaus

Park City

* * *

Local effort to help Huntsman Cancer Institute makes final push


Thank you to everyone in the community who has contributed to and promoted The Park City Thank You Fund. The purpose of the fund is to raise $50,000 for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). HCI will then name a patient room the "Park City Community Room."

We have raised over $34,000 since May 1, and the fund recently received a generous $8,000 matching grant from the Playing for Life Foundation! So now every dollar raised is worth $2. To contribute please visit our website at: http://www.parkcitythankyoufund.org.

We are also pleased to sponsor a film as part of the PC Film Series on Thursday, Dec 11th. The film, "50/50", will start at 7 p.m. at the Prospector Square Theater, and all proceeds from the ticket sales will go to The Park City Thank You Fund! Happy Holidays to all and here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!

Joe Cronley

Park City