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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7-9, 2016

Submissions from Park Record readers


Basin Rec responds to ice skater’s concerns

Basin Recreation appreciates the opportunity to respond to the Letter to the Editor regarding pond operations published in the Park Record’s Saturday, November 26th edition. We would like to thank the author for his interest in our operations and for sharing his concerns about the pond that we try to utilize as an ice rink during the winter months. Basin Recreation is a public entity that prides itself on the services that it provides its patrons. Our employees take the responsibility (and privilege) for recreation very seriously and appreciate constructive feedback on how they can best serve the community.

Basin Recreation’s team manages several amenities, including the extensive trail system, the very busy Fieldhouse, the myriad of recreation programs and events, and the parks. Our Parks Department alone (a team of four) conducts the daily opening of our parks, the plowing of our parking lots, the clearing of safe routes to the local schools, and the staffing of many other daily responsibilities. Randy Hanskat was a valuable member of our team but when he decided to step down from the pond responsibilities, we had to add pond duties to the other very important roles of our Parks Team.

As acknowledged, weather plays a big role in the operations of the pond. Understanding how thermal effects can dictate the quality of the ice and responding to inconsistent temperatures and the potential of a rainstorm in January (which happened last winter), requires countless staff hours. However, our goal is always to recover the pond quickly to make it safely playable again. But we also have to justify if the staff hours required merit the recovery efforts.

Again, feedback is always welcomed. My door is always open and I try to return phone calls promptly. We encourage any member of the community to contact us if they have questions about our operations. We appreciate the support of this active community and strive to serve our patrons in the most cost effective and comprehensive way possible.

Brian Hanton, Director
Snyderville Basin Recreation District

* * *

Local student finds holiday shopping deals at recycling center


A loyal fan, and regular user, of our town recycling center, I pop into their warehouse once in a while, just out of curiosity, not because I necessarily need for anything in particular. But the other day when I stopped in, I found more of a shop than a warehouse, full of treasures, out on display and arranged like a real store. Everything from tableware to Christmas ornaments, great stocking stuffers, you name it, and all tagged with prices that anyone can afford. So just wanted to share that little bit of inside information.

The Warehouse supports Recycle Utah’s 24/7 recycling services, including the collection of over 45 hard-to-recycle materials. What a great resource for our village over the coming weeks of shopping till we drop. What a great resource generally!

Sophie Elliott
Park City

* * *

Recreation facilities don’t always require bricks and mortar


In response to The Park Record article dated Nov. 30, 2016 “Basin Rec picks 10 sites”: The article stated that $38.8 million was dedicated to a swimming facility and $26 million was dedicated to an ice rink. I wondered from where does this money come? Where will the money come from in the future?

I have lived in the Park City area since 1989. I have been to the Ecker Hill swimming facility once to watch my daughter complete her swimming certificate. I have never been to the ice skating facility. I believe in the commonwealth and in public facilities, but I also believe this money would be better spent on purchasing as much open space as possible.

Open space has low overhead. Open space will last for a very long time. With open
space, we won’t have to maintain any buildings or pay utilities or too
many salaries to manage the space. Our children won’t have to upgrade the buildings in 30 years (or 30 years after that).

Currently, if folks want to swim for a minimum cost they can go to Ecker Hill. If they want to skate, go to the existing skating rink. If there is demand beyond that, then folks could go to commercial enterprises and pay per use. Why do we have to keep building buildings? Is there no value in undeveloped space? Does open space have value?

Have I become a curmudgeon? Wouldn’t it be better to use this public money to
purchase the open space we were attracted to in the first place?

David Chambers
Park City

* * *

Recycle Utah thanks Vail Resorts


Recycle Utah would like to extend thanks to Vail Resorts EpicPromise for their generous grant supporting our education programs, as well as our annual 100 Mile Meal event.

Thanks to Vail’s support, Recycle Utah is able to educate over 5,000 Summit and Wasatch County students on the importance of water and energy conservation, sustainable resource management, and the reality of climate change. Vail Resorts also makes our annual Water Festival possible, in which nearly 600 fourth graders learn about our most precious natural resource, water.

In addition, Vail provides in-kind support for our 100 Mile Meal. This annual event encourages buying local, showcasing Utah farmers and ranchers. At next year’s event, the talented culinary team from Park City Mountain Resort will expertly transform ingredients from within a 100-mile radius into a delicious five-course meal.

We are inspired by Vail Resorts’ commitment to environmental conservation and education. Thanks to their generous support, we will continue to educate the next generation of environmental stewards.

Wishing you a healthy planet,

Insa Riepen, Executive Director
Recycle Utah

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