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Letters to the editor, Feb. 1-3, 2017

Submitted by Park Record readers

Marchers deserve a round of thanks

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the March on Main, we thank you Park City!

We understand this event was not an easy feat. Scheduled for the busiest day of Sundance with snow in the forecast, the city staff, safety crews and police made it possible. Each department was professional, willing and positive – which resulted in a flawless experience for our marchers.

We would also like to acknowledge all of our sponsors and all of the local businesses that helped us make the event successful. Something of this magnitude does take a village and you know who you all are! A super BIG thank you to all the volunteers and volunteer captain extraordinaire Angie Mitcham, transportation lead Deanna Rhodes who made sure every last person got on that bus before she did! Thank you to our friends and neighbors who hosted sign making parties and finally to all the locals and creative community who marched hand-in-hand or in spirit and understand the need to support one another to achieve equality for all — we thank you.

With gratitude from the Organizing Committee,

Cindy Levine, Jennifer Levine, Rene Redinger, Laura Lewis, Rosanne Kortenberg, Liesl Copland and Kristen McCracken
Organizing Committee for the March on Main

* * *

Utah leaders oppose appointment of Mike Noel to BLM


Prominent business, community and advocacy leaders from around Utah have joined together to send a letter to the Trump Administration’s transition team opposing the potential appointment of Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, as director of the Bureau of Land Management.

Rep. Noel has recently been lobbying to be nominated as the next director of the BLM. The letter, sent to the Vice President Pence and Interior Department Secretary nominee, Mr. Zinke, highlights Rep. Noel’s controversial history showing that neither his policies nor his temperament are congruous with the position of BLM director. The letter warns that his appointment would be catastrophic to the outdoor recreation industry’s impact on the Utah economy, would place our public lands in danger, and would disrupt the delicate balance of uses that compete for access to our public lands.

In addition, the Alliance for a Better Utah has launched a petition on Change.org to allow any Utahn or others to show their solidarity with this group of leaders in opposing Rep. Noel’s quest to become the next BLM Director. The petition can be found at http://www.change.org

Our public lands are one of our greatest national treasures and a public legacy for all Americans. The BLM is responsible for the protection and comprehensive management of over 245 million acres of land. Mike Noel does not believe in a balanced approach to management of these lands. In fact, Noel appears to oppose the very purpose of the agency he hopes to lead. The BLM deserves a director who believes in the purpose and potential of our public lands so they may be used and enjoyed for multiple purposes for generations to come.

Josh Kanter
Chairman, Alliance for a Better Utah

* * *

A doctor disagrees with Hatch, urges support for choice


Senator Hatch recently promoted the upcoming March for Life. While I am sure all Utahns appreciate his hard work on our behalf, I find it unsettling that this public health issue is still being discussed in a political framework that ignores our shared goals and the known science. That is what I hope to address briefly here.

First, we must reframe our discussion of abortion around the goals we all share: 1. reducing abortions, and 2. minimizing government infringement on our freedom.
Second, we look to the science and find that the same policies will achieve both goals. A 2008 Lancet study showed abortion rates are lowest in regions with liberal abortion laws and easy access to contraception.
It’s time we support policies that promote life and choice, like comprehensive sexual education in schools and universal reproductive healthcare, and oppose the types of harmful gag rules and funding restrictions that increase abortion rates and infringe on our freedom.

Ryan Hassan, MD, MPH
Salt Lake City

* * *

Citizens will need to rally to mitigate Trump’s actions


Even setting aside his apparent bro-mance with Putin, and its implication of a possibly unconstitutional, extremely dangerous involvement with our most threatening international foe, added to his public stomping of Mexico, our neighbor, and third largest international trading partner; yes, even beyond those two troubling issues, our new president had a very disconcerting first week in office.

He started it by officially declaring war on the American press and media. This knee-jerk reaction seems to be a natural outgrowth of his innate hostility toward anyone or anything that trespasses on his huge and hypersensitive ego. If his attack on the press were just a calculated manipulation to confuse and distract the voting public, it would still be an extremely serious threat. The founders knew the primary importance of an effective free press, and used the very first sentence of our Bill of Rights to assure its sanctity.

More frightening still is the clear evidence this attack on one of the pillars of our free society presents of Mr. Trump’s irrational and unstable personality. We have elected an unpredictable, narcissistic-sociopath to lead our country. His time in office will be an extreme test of the strength and stability of our institutions, and of the fitness of this country for the privilege democratic self-government.

As citizens, hoping for the best, and trusting providence clearly will not cut it. Our vigilance, and loud, persistent pushback is essential to minimizing the damage his wrongheaded intemperance is already causing.

Steve Lewis
Park City

* * *

Park City needs to take its own climate advice


When will we wake up? This year’s Sundance theme seemed to be the environment and climate change. So why did we set up Film Festival bus stops with propane heaters? Can these people not afford warm coats? Are we that focused on a phony image?

On a more common topic, we have a no-idling rule in this town? Is it for show? Honestly, can you go anywhere and not see a car idling for an extended time? I ask any resident if they’ve ever seen anyone cited for idling? The rule (law?) sounds great, I know, but no teeth to it.

It is kind of like the surveys that show millennials are concerned about climate change. But it seems every day I park near someone who needs their engine running while they put their ski gear on. And it runs, and it runs, and it runs … doors are open so we’re not trying to stay warm … what alternate world do they live in?

It’s really nice to talk but how about some real action?

John Wendolowski
Park City

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