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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15-18, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

An open letter to Jack Thomas

I am glad to know you’re firmly on board with backing Democratic candidates for County, State and Federal offices. We can certainly use all the help we can get. While former Mayors of Park City have been reluctant to endorse, it’s good to see that you’ve thrown caution to the wind.

Can’t fault you for backing Peter Clemens. He’s a nice guy and he’s a dedicated Democrat. If he wins the Democratic nomination, I’ll support him.

When Peter called to ask for my endorsement, however, I told him that I would support Donna McAleer through the nomination process because: She is a good friend and a longtime supporter of Summit County/Park City issues, she has name recognition in this race and she won 54.5 percent of the Summit County vote in her first challenge.

Donna McAleer is a powerful speaker and a powerful advocate for the causes I hold dear. She is also is the strongest candidate and has far outstripped him in raising early money.

Now that you’re on board as a committed Democrat, may I invite you to be a full participant in our county process. Please accept my invitation to:

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  • Attend Summit County Democratic Caucus on Tuesday evening, March 18 where we’ll be choosing delegates for both State and County conventions.
  • Join us on March 27 for spaghetti dinner at Temple Har Shalom.
  • Attend the County Democratic Convention on Saturday, March 29 where elected delegates will choose the Democratic candidates for County Attorney, Auditor, Assessor, Recorder, Clerk, Sheriff, Treasurer and 2 County Council seats.

    I’m sure that Donna and Peter will both attend the local convention on March 29 and you’ll be able to hear them speak. You can get better acquainted with both Donna and Peter at which time you just might change your mind. That’s OK, too.

    If you are selected as a State Delegate on March 18, you can go to the State Democratic Convention in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 26. That’s when the party will nominate State and Federal candidates. Glad to have you on board. Feel free to phone, if you have questions: 435-640-3759.

    Sally Elliott

    Park City

    * * *

    Mayor clarifies his endorsement of Clemens


    I was surprised and taken aback to see the article in Wednesday’s Park Record about my support for Peter Clemens in a likely Democratic primary this year. I do support him in that election, but had authorized him and his campaign to say that much, and no more. Some of my views may have been accurately portrayed, while others were not.

    Campaigns are learning processes for the public and the candidates. I support Clemens in the Democratic primary and I think he will run an informative, civil campaign. However, I also believe U.S. Representative Rob Bishop has done a lot for Park City and we are very grateful. I would never endorse his opponent in the absence of a compelling reason to do so.

    Jack Thomas

    Park City Mayor

    * * *

    Dads and daughters could have danced all night


    The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance at McPolin Elementary was a huge success with 140 dads and their daughters enjoying a special night of dancing and dining. This event is very unique as it is solely for daughters of McPolin Elementary and their dads, or other significant father figure. The daughters enjoyed music from Bryce with Laughing Gravy and getting professional photos taken by Cynthia Sandoval. We also want to recognize Park City’s generous donors: Main Street Pizza and Noodle, Subway in Prospector, Silver Cricket and Whole Foods.

    We would like to thank our schools’ supportive volunteers who did everything from donating treats, running errands, decorating the gym, working the dance, etc. Thank you all for your amazing support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

    Faylene Weinman

    McPolin Elementary PTO