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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 19-21, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Local wildlife advocates get well-deserved recognition


I would like to congratulate and thank Tim and Jackie Fehr, Judi Perry, and all the people who worked over the years on behalf of our local wildlife. Our habitat is better for both humans and wildlife thanks to their hours of tireless dedication. The Wildlife Protection Society was instrumental in focusing our attention on our natural neighbors, identifying migratory corridors and working to make them safer for both animals and people. Wildlife Protection Society members tackled the heavy labor of removing barbed wire from our community open spaces. Most recently, the Wildlife Protection Society made a considerable contribution to the permanent protection of the Risner Ridge open space that connects the open spaces on Quarry Mountain to those in Round Valley.

Our community is better and richer thanks to the dedication of the people behind the Wildlife Protection Society, and their many hours of work. Thank you!

Cheryl Fox

Executive Director, Summit Land Conservancy

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Little dogs need their own home on the range


I am writing about the Willow Creek Dog Park with one very big suggestion create a separate area for small dogs only.

As a former creator of off leash parks in the ’90’s, I know without a separation between small and larger dogs in an off leash area, the worst scenario could be as ugly as you can imagine.

Just the other day, we were in the Willow Creek Dog Park with our 75 lb. puppy and about 7 other larger dogs . In comes two girls (about 10 years old) with their small poodle. I was so concerned about their small dog around the larger dogs so I asked the girls to take their dog out of the park. They were baffled because they told me their dog was friendly. It’s not my place to patrol the dog park it’s Basin Recreation and Animal Control’s job but they can make their job easier by having two distinct areas.

I understand everyone enters off leash areas at their own risk. There will always be dog and human injuries in an off leash park but a small dog doesn’t have a fighting chance between a large dog that could be as big as 200 lbs. Even with a well-trained dog, nobody can predict what their dog(s) will do every time because they are dogs!

I want Basin Recreation to use their best efforts to make off leash as safe as possible by immediately constructing an enclosure for small dogs at Willow Creek.

Karen Brooks

Park City