Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22-25, 2016 | ParkRecord.com

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22-25, 2016

Wilderness Society opposes Rep. Bishop’s stance on public lands

We applaud The Park Record’s recent editorial, highlighting how Rep. Bishop’s public lands proposal ignored the agreement reached in Summit County. And we support Summit County urging the congressman to rewrite his proposal.

The Wilderness Society worked hard in Summit County to find areas of agreement on improving public lands management in ways that benefit diverse interests. What was accomplished in Summit County is truly remarkable: a very diverse working group developed a proposal that everyone supports. In a place as diverse as Utah, this was no small feat.

The proposal adds deserving lands to the High Uintas Wilderness, prioritized forest restoration and water quality protection in important watersheds, and conveyed small parcels to local governments to manage for the public good. And it does all of this in accordance with existing law. This was a classic ‘win-win’ solution.

Instead of honoring this agreement, Rep. Bishop’s draft public lands proposal disregards it entirely. His proposal includes numerous provisions that undermine the Wilderness Act and other state and federal laws. The forest restoration and water quality protection areas have been completely undone by egregious "one-size-fits-all" policy provisions that undermine their very purpose. And the conveyances have been ignored.

It is a shame to see the hard work and commitment of everyone who worked so hard in Summit County going to waste in a bill that fails to honor our collaborative agreement and fails to protect the amazing public lands in Utah for future generations. We join the Park Record and Summit County in their disappointment and interest in exploring a separate bill that improves the local economy and protects deserving public lands and watersheds by honoring our collaborative agreement.

Paul Spitler, The Wilderness Society

Bozeman, Montana

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Career advisors say goodbye and thanks


The time for the Park City Career Network has passed. We began holding meetings in August 2009 at Temple Har Shalom. Certainly there are still people searching for a job. There always are.

When the time comes for our expertise within the Park City community again, Ellen Silver and I are committed to turn the lights back on. Actually this is an exciting time for us. We were able to provide free coaching to people in need.

We are excited that 108 people let us know that our coaching helped them find their next job. We are excited that we were able to coach them during their searches; and we are proud how they worked hard to succeed.

Ellen and I have a number of people to thank — especially Temple Har Shalom who hosted us for 11 months of the year and St. Mary’s Catholic Church who hosted our group when Temple Har Shalom had their Sundance commitment. Without their understanding and support, we would not have been able to continue.

We also need to thank Anne Gardner and Pat Mencimer. Anne was one of our founders — and was the person who approached me to ask if I would join and contribute. Anne is now in Southern California. Pat Mencimer also joined us for a few years and provided important perspectives from her experience in the career transition business.

For everyone we touched — thank you! We enjoyed working with every one of you.

Bill Humbert

Park City

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