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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 6-9, 2016

Appalled by legislator’s attempt to discriminate


Our very own Representative Kraig Powell, R-Heber City reported to media outlets that he is proposing legislation that will discriminate against same sex couples by requiring Utah judges to grant preference to opposite sex couples in placing wards of the court for adoption. To my way of thinking this is 1) blatant disregard for the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States, 2) an attempt to force his personal prejudice/religion on his unwilling constituents, 3) total disregard for his constituents in Park City and Summit County, both of which have non-discrimination ordinances in place.

the way, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the feeling that heterosexual couples are better parents than same sex couples. In fact, all the verifiable data to date shows that there is no difference in outcomes. I personally have anecdotal evidence to support the scientific evidence, but that’s just me.

Thank goodness we have Brian King who represents the far western areas of Summit County. He understands us and is wonderfully helpful. The truth, however, is that Summit County has been gerrymandered into oblivion by a Legislature that doesn’t want to hear what we think. We are warm and welcoming to all. We celebrate our differences and we appreciate progressive thought and action.

In 2012, voters had an opportunity to choose Chris Robinson vs. Kraig Powell. In 2014, voters had an opportunity to choose Glenn Wright vs. Kraig Powell. In neither year did reason and good sense prevail. There IS a way to do it, though. A strong Democratic candidate who has good name recognition in Wasatch County could beat Kraig Powell. We CAN beat the odds, but we’re going to have to work harder than ever to get fair representation. Who will step up?

Sally Elliott

Park City

* * *

Ranchers, not feds are guilty of land grab


As a lifelong hunter, fisherman, outdoor enthusiast and Utahn (also a Republican), I rely on public land in the western states for my activities. It is angering and dismaying to see crackpot Bundy-type "militia" groups, entitled-feeling ranchers, and hubristic Utah and other Western politicians (including my own representatives) attempt to take that land from me. National Forest, BLM, and other public land belongs to all Americans, not just a few with self-serving interests. It’s what makes the West the West.

Hunters, fishermen, and others who enjoy public land, wake up to what’s happening. Don’t be duped by arrogant political talk of "states being able to manage the land better than the feds." Yes, communication and cooperation between the feds and locals need some work, but if a transfer to the states succeeds, the land will of necessity be managed for maximum economic gain with little regard for wildlife, aesthetics, or recreational users. It will be overgrazed, overmined, overdrilled, and overlogged by politically well-connected private interests, and when hard times for states come around again as they always do, the land will be sold off to those interests. Then the "NO TRESPASSING" signs go up.

Contact your representatives (federal, state, county) and tell them to leave your public land alone.

Richard Turner

Heber City

* * *

Left versus right: the public land debate


Let’s get beyond this ‘heroic patriot v. the socialist Luddite’ narrative. The most powerful tool in the dissenter’s repertoire is doubt. Once sown, it can be difficult to dismiss. But, as powerful as it may be, it is as equally inauthentic; and it highlights either a lack of imagination or an inability (or at least an unwillingness) to go toe-to-toe in the arena of logical reasoning.

I think it’s safe to say that a legitimate fear of an American communist state is behind us. The ideology of centralized socialism has been weighed, measured, and found wanting. So, instead of predicating a stance on a worn-out argument, come to the table with something defensible, or stay home.

What’s even more dangerous than the deliberate misrepresentation of facts is a skewed perspective of reality. Mr. Lyman may not have driven all the way down Recapture Canyon; and Mr. Ivory may not have borne arms inside that Oregon wildlife refuge; but their spirits were alive and well in the hearts and minds of their ideological constituents.

Josh Boling


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