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Letters to the Editor, February 20-22, 2013


Park City’s own Ted Ligety made history when he claimed his third win in a single World Championships. It is a feat no American has ever achieved and no other man on the international circuit has accomplished since 1968.

Ted Ligety grew up at a time in Park City when America’s Opening ruled. He and an entire generation of Park City children grew up watching athletes like Alberto Tomba, Michael Von Gruenigen, Stephan Eberharter and Hermann Maier all win in their backyard. With his accomplishments in Schladming, he has truly become one of his sport’s greatest stars alongside names like Jean Claude Killy, Toni Sailer and Stein Eriksen. None of his success would be possible without the incredible support of his home community. His parents Bill and Cyndi, Park City Mountain Resort, the Park City Ski Team and the Winter Sports School all played pivotal roles in his athletic development. His club and community not only taught him the basics of speed and technique, but helped nurture a love of sport.

Please join me today in celebrating Ted’s victories. Everyone involved with the U.S. Ski Team and Park City’s incredible legacy of world-class ski racing should share in the celebration of this success today. Behind every great athlete is a team of great people this is your victory, too! Thank you for your support and for choosing to "Believe in U.S." every step of the way.

Bill Marolt

President and CEO, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

Gun rights don’t come from 2nd Amendment


When I read that a sheriff said he supports the citizens’ "rights given by the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution," it made me realize there are some people, even in important positions, who don’t understand where our rights come from. The Constitution grants no right to anyone to exercise free speech or to keep and bear arms. It merely protects us from the government abridging or infringing those rights, which we already possessed even before America became a nation. They are restrictions on government … not on us, the citizens.

The Declaration of Independence clearly states that "we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights," and that governments are instituted to secure these rights. This might seem a simple variation in the use of words, but it is much more than that. Because if it can be established that our rights to free speech and bearing arms (plus all other Bill of Rights provisions) come from law (the Constitution), then the converse is also true, the law can take those rights away. It cannot. They are unalienable, fundamental, natural, constitutionally-protected, God-given rights, which apply to all men and can never be taken away by anyone, governments included. It’s important that everyone understands this clearly during the dialogue about gun control.

Captain James C Green

Heber City

Romney’s loss to Obama was no surprise


It is no surprise that Governor Romney lost to President Obama on Election Night. For one thing, the governor was not so strategic about campaign fundraising or generous about spending the funds to compete with Obama, having trailed him by a huge gap on the paper trail. These constraints hurt the structure and efficiency of his campaign. It is certain that usually the candidate with the most funds raised and spent would win the election. This election season has been a classic example.

Moreover, it wasn’t in Romney’s favor to choose a controversial conservative such as Paul Ryan for a running mate whose hard-lining on the budget and cuts to Social Security may have done him a disservice, as it would alienate senior citizens and people who rely on government welfare. Had Governor Romney selected a moderate, popular politician say Senator Marco Rubio that would have tremendously helped the campaign and may have offset any financial deficits to be the game-changer needed to win the presidency.

Finally, the personality and efficiency of the campaign could have been better organized and structured, with well-sought mobilization efforts, better grassroots, campaign staff and morale. Obama had Hollywood, the incumbent advantage, the most campaign funds, and the middle class. Romney had the upper 1 percent. Nevertheless, that isn’t the electorate, not even close.

Zach Haskins

Park City

Daddy Daughter Dance was something to see


The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance at McPolin Elementary was amazing this year; 175 dads and their daughters celebrated together.

If you have been part of the McPolin community, then you know how special this event is. Girls look forward to this event all year. They get all dressed up and taken out by their "date" for dinner and dancing to our D.J.

My eyes got pretty teary this year when I saw one of the dads running at full speed to get to his date on time. He was late but the embrace they shared was priceless.

We are so thankful for our generous parent volunteers and businesses. Without their help, this wouldn’t have been possible. We are especially thankful for our parents who made delicious treats, ran errands, donated time, money, and one even donated her own mother to help during her vacation.

Thank you: Main Street Pizza & Noodle (pizza and chicken fingers), Fresh Market Park City (drinks), Whole Foods (veggie and cheese trays), Subway Prospector Park (sandwiches), Westgate Grill (table cloths), and Cynthia Sandoval (photography).

Our school is lucky to have your help.

Faylene Weinman

Park City

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