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Letters to the Editor, February 27-March 1, 2013

High-speed chases are not worth the risks


On Tuesday morning, Feb. 19th, I headed into Park City for what I had hoped would be a great day of skiing. Instead, the car being pursued in a high-speed police chase on S.R. 224 swerved into oncoming traffic and hit my car. Fortunately, I did not sustain any serious injuries, but my car was totaled. The next day another police chase in Salt Lake City resulted in the pursued car crashing into a house.

I appreciate the desire of the police to apprehend these criminals, and I certainly would like to see these people behind bars as much as anyone. But I do not believe that the lives and property of innocent people should be jeopardized. High speed chases are just not worth the risks. The criminal got away, I am without a car, and I am just thankful to be alive.

June Krigman

Park City

Hatch needs to explain Amgen amendment


Several weeks ago, after the "Fiscal Cliff deadline," I communicated via to the Honorable Senator Hatch’s website, asking him to explain his decision, why he at the last moment (six minutes, I am told) to insert the following bill as an attachment to the "Fiscal Cliff" bill: Five hundred billion to Amgen over the next two years, prior to exposing this nonsense to the Salt Lake Tribune via the Opinion Section.

Now I realize that Amgen is a contributor to the Senior Senator’s continued "job assurance," but why the last minute and why this amount when our country is trying to recover from a recession? I am perplexed and want to know! He will not answer my requests.

This type of politics is why we are in this mess in the first place. It’s time for term limits for these senators who play master to the lobbyists that have got them where they are. And it’s time to stop acting like "children" with 6 minutes to go on a vote. I still welcome an explanation from the Senator to why this type of behavior is necessary, if he can find it in his busy schedule.

Bruce Palenske

Park City

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