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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 11-14, 2017

Submissions from Park Record Readers

SUWA has rebuttle for state treasurer’s stance on monuments


Utah State Treasurer David Damschen’s letter to the editor, Utah Treasurer condemns monument designation, consists largely of the type of ‘fake news’ that dominated this past election cycle and demands to be corrected.

First and foremost, President Obama acted properly and well within the discretion granted to him by Congress, pursuant to the Antiquities Act of 1906, to protect federal public lands and designate the Bears Ears National Monument. In the 110-year history of the Act no court has overturned the establishment of a National Monument and it is highly unlikely there will be a different outcome here. Though Mr. Damschen asserts that the President “clearly misused his authority,” he offers no support whatsoever for this claim.

Second, and as has been widely reported, the roughly 100,000 acres of Utah School Trust Lands within the Bears Ears National Monument will be exchanged for more lucrative federal public lands elsewhere in southeastern Utah. The President’s proclamation expressly contemplates this and the groundwork has already been laid to see that Utah’s school children come out ahead from the Bears Ears designation. This was the case when President Clinton created the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and all stakeholders will demand the same result here. Mr. Damschen surely knows this and thus his argument that the Bears Ears designation could be “disastrous” for Utah’s school children is nothing more than fear mongering.

Finally, though there are some Native American individuals and local communities opposed to the Bears Ears National Monument, this opposition does not delegitimize the broad support the Monument enjoys from the five Native American Tribes and tribal governments comprising the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition (Navajo Nation, Ute Indian Tribe, Hopi Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Pueblo of Zuni). Mr. Damschen’s “surprise” that the President would act without unanimous support from every Native American for the Bears Ears National Monument represents an extreme position that he would never demand for state of Utah decision making.

Our elected leaders, including Treasurer Damschen, must stop their political grandstanding, roll up their sleeves, and make sure the Bears Ears designation succeeds.

Stephen Bloch
Legal Director, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

* * *

Parents of ‘Adventurist’ say Letter to the Editor was misguided


Dear Editor:
As the parents of John Sullivan “Sully” Tesch who was the individual featured in your “Local Adventurist” article on December 28, 2016 and is also the subject of a letter to the editor by Colin Price published in your January 4-6 edition of the Park Record, we would like to file this response:

Dear Colin, your Letter to the Editor, was largely based on unfamiliarity to who John Sullivan Tesch (Sully) is and who we are as his parents and who we are as a family. You made several sweeping claims, none more offensive than your statement that you “feel sad for his parents” claiming that our son’s pursuit of his dreams is a misguided failure to engage in delayed gratification.

As the parents of Sully and his brother Grady (a recent graduate of NYU), we have always encouraged them to follow their hearts and their passions. We are proud of both of our sons, but we want to explain why we are particularly proud of Sully. First of all he pays his own way in the world, frequently rejecting our offers of financial help stating he doesn’t want to be “entitled” to anything. He achieves this by working long hours at grueling jobs like pouring concrete in the summer (his mountain climbing done on weekends), and working the night shift as support for a local lodge this last winter. He also acts as a big brother to his two younger female nieces as a volunteer coach for one of their soccer teams and routinely assisting them with their homework, often late into the evenings. Sully has now completed over four semesters worth of college credits and is scheduled to graduate with the rest of his high school graduating class despite taking a semester off to kick start his other dreams. This last semester he again made the Dean’s List (exceeding 3.5 gpa) while carrying a very heavy credit load.

We could go on and on, but those who know Sully know him for his honesty, loyalty and dedication to hard work – prized character traits in our family and in most families.

So, Sully, continue to follow your passions. Be true to yourself. Nothing else matters.

Colin, shed no tears for us, and understand that your path was your choice but it’s not a one size fits all for young men.

Carol and Joe Tesch
Park City

* * *

Summit County and Park City are cramming in too much development


Happy New Year Summit County and Park City officials and congrats on setting a record pace in construction. You have managed to “shoehorn” hundreds of new residences into every “nook and cranny” in the city and country without the needed expense of adding one inch of new asphalt. Cannot wait for the new Whole Foods and retail stores along the I-80 frontage road so that traffic backs up there as well. Your answer seems to be to add more rotaries. The Kimball Junction exit is a disgrace this time of year as well as Kearns in the morning off US 40. Are you just saving all the impact money for a rainy day? Park City is a magnificent place to live but how about a little planning and foresight!

Jim LePera

* * *

National Ability Center thanks Park City Mountain for support


Over the course of the last two weeks, the National Ability Center has reached record numbers with participants since its inception over 30 years ago. Between hosting family camps, Nordic programs and hundreds of ski and snowboard laps on First Time chairlift we would not be successful in delivering our mission without the support of our community and our many partners in and around Park City and Summit County.

Special thanks goes out to the Park City Mountain team, for lending us tremendous support in all areas of operations, during this unbelievably busy season. Thank you for keeping kids, families, and veterans of all abilities safe on your slopes, welcome in your restaurants, and connected to the resources they need to fully experience the NAC mission.

There is no doubt that we live, work and recreate within a community that holds our commonalities above our differences and creates an inclusion experience for people of all abilities. For our many local supporters and advocated, if you missed seeing your support in action, take a look at some of our social media posts and pics. Together we’re transforming thousands of lives. #OneParkCity

Gail Barille
National Ability Center

* * *

The fight to save Bears Ears isn’t over


Recently, our president designated a Utah National Monument: Bears Ears. Other United States public lands have also been so designated by President Obama, as well as by previous presidents. Likely, readers have seen much in the news about these monument designations and specifically about Bears Ears.

This land (Bears Ears) in southeast Utah is special and worthy of National Monument designation. This land has natural beauty, archeological importance, and historical significance. This land is sacred and must be preserved for the future of our children.

However, the Bears Ears Monument is threatened by our elected officials including Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Rep. Rob Bishop, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Attorney General Sean Reyes, among others. This is your call to action: write to these elected officials and tell them that you support the Bears Ears national Monument. Take action now to support what is important to our future generations. This grassroots action matters.

Ellen Hendrickson
Park City

* * *

Park City should consider promoting ‘granny flats’

I grew up in Park City and recently moved to Portland, Oregon. They do something that I think would be great for Park City. They have legalized (and are currently waiving all permitting fees to promote) accessory dwelling units or ADUs. ADUs Sometimes called ‘granny flats’ or ‘mother-in-law’ units, they are small dwellings, usually less than 800 square feet, built on lots that already have a single-family home. They could help solve many issues that Park City is facing, including producing too much greenhouse gas, a lack of affordable housing, and very little multi-generational housing.

The first benefit of ADUs is increased density in the city. Density is the opposite of sprawl, something that Park City should fight as much as possible. We all know sprawl destroys more natural habitats and makes residents rely more on personal cars instead of walking/biking/transit, which leads to more greenhouse gas.

Another reason to be pro-ADUs is that they provide more affordable housing. Many lots in Park City are large enough to accommodate another small dwelling unit. The ADUs often serve as small, affordable rental units. Since the owner of the ADU lives on the same property, the owners can easily manage the ADU and ensure that the tenants are respectful.

The final benefit of ADUs is that they can serve as multi-generational housing, something that is scarce in Park City. As kids move out of the house and parents want to downsize, an ADU could provide a more space-efficient living solution for the parents, and renting out their main house could provide rental income to offset the cost of sending kids to college. When older residents are ready to retire and want a more accessible home as they age, they could build a single level ADU. They could even have their adult children and their families live in the original house, letting multiple generations live together in Park City, something that is very difficult to do here now.

In conclusion, I think PC should legalize ADUs as they’ll make the city more affordable, provide a source of income for current residents, give residents the flexibility to stay in town as they move through life’s phases, and combat urban sprawl. If Park City residents are looking for an example city to reference promoting ADUs, they could examine Portland as it has been experimenting with ADUs for a quite a while.

Brad Baker
Park City

* * *

Organizers are grateful for support of ProNiño


We would like to thank the people of Park City who came together in an extraordinary way to help our kids at the orphanage http://www.pronino.org in Honduras for Christmas this year. Our annual Angel Tree project received more support from Park City than ever before and we are so very grateful.

A huge thanks and a hug to Shelley Gillwald, Executive Director of the Park City Soccer Club who advised us and supported our efforts by putting us in contact with Lyn Martin, owner of Soccer International in Salt Lake City. Lyn and her staff cleaned out their warehouse and provided each child at Pro Nino with a new pair of soccer shoes and socks at below cost. Shelley also kindly donated socks and soccer uniforms for our kids. Shelley’s enthusiasm for helping us help ProNiño is priceless.

Debbie Moser and the fifth-graders at Trailside Elementary School decorated and filled 75 Christmas stockings for our kids. Now each child has hygiene items as well as some fun stocking stuffers. I know this project was a big undertaking for Debbie and we can’t thank her enough for taking it on. Thanks Mrs. Moser!

For the second year in a row Matt Strader and the folks at Basin Recreation donated soccer balls for our kids. Also for the second year Lindsay Blair at Skullcandy coordinated a generous donation of goodies for our kids. Thanks Basin Rec. and Skullcandy!

Finally a huge thanks to all the local individuals who wrote checks to support the orphanage Christmas celebration, and to our special angel Diana Guay.


Kelly Miller, Tabitha Lazenby, Simon Montes
On behalf of ProNiño

* * *

New garbage pickup bill is going in the trash


I am returning a copy of the invoice I received from you on 12/24/2016 unpaid.
The reasons I do not intend to pay the invoice are as follows:

1. I was never notified by Summit County of the change in billing.
2. There is no clear delineation of what the charge is for (i.e. trash collection, barrel rental, re-cycling, etc.)
3. There are no specific dates of service mentioned in the bill. Is this for last year, 2016, or this year, 2017?
4. You mention a “fee basis” for 2016 at the annual rate of $36.00. That seems reasonable, but how much trash/recycling does that cover per residence? When and how often does that rate step up?
5. Where is the credit reflected on my yearly property taxes, and was it credited in 2016 or will it be credited in 2017? My concern here is that there is no visibility on my property tax statement and I want to be sure that I am not being double billed for these services.

I would also like to point out that your bill is dated 12/15/2016. Was not received (in mail), until 12/24/2016. The due date is 1/4/2017, leaving 10 days to pay attention to this matter over two major holidays. It seems to me as if this bill has been slipped in at the last moment, during the holidays, when nobody is really paying attention to the change that you are trying to affect.

In light of the way this process is being handled I request that you please discontinue service to my address to avoid any further billing or fees. To be fair, if the county has deducted trash collection fees from my property taxes and not reimbursed Republic for services performed to date I will gladly pay what is due if you would like to submit a new bill with the appropriate dates on it.

Skip Boissonnault
Park City

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