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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 14-16, 2015


Park City now has a special room at Huntsman Cancer Institute


Thank you Park City! The Park City Thank You Fund is fully funded and $50,000 has been raised for cancer research. Thank you to all the Parkites and Park City businesses that generously contributed and thank you to everyone who helped promote this cause.

Thank you to The Boneyard for hosting our launch event back in May. Thank you to the Park City Film Series for showing the film "50/50" in December. Thank you to the Playing for Life Foundation for their generous $8,000 matching grant! Thank you to The Park Record and KPCW for getting the word out throughout the campaign!

It was a genuine community effort. And now Room 4546 at Huntsman Cancer Institute will be officially named "The Park City Community Room." So what now? Let’s all heed the words of the late Stuart Scott, ESPN sportscaster who recently succumbed to cancer: "You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live." Live on Park City and Thank You!

Joe Cronley

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Ridership will increase if intervals between buses shrinks


As a frequent bus rider living in Redstone, I have strong opinions about solving the problem of getting around town as traffic increases. The evening of the "gridlock," the city bus was over an hour late, seriously and dangerously overcrowded when it finally did arrive and I have to credit the driver with being very cautious and professional throughout the journey.

I work at Canyons and my vehicle hasn’t left the garage in weeks. I find the bus service to be incredibly valuable and have some ideas about how it can be improved. We can’t expect the majority of tourists to use it as they are frequently traveling with family members and lots of equipment. We can continue to expect them to use rental vehicles to reach our mountains.

What we can hope to reduce is worker traffic. I believe transportation centers need to be built in Kimball Jct and Quinn’s Junction with ample free parking and some method to incentivize workers to use public transit to get to work. During ski season, the frequency of the number 7 Pink bus needs to be increased to a 20-minute interval rather than 30 and the number 8 Brown Express bus needs to be doubled from its 1-hour interval.

I know people love the independence of having their vehicle nearby at their disposal but our roads can no longer handle the amount of traffic we have today, never mind what we anticipate the future will bring. Yes, there are improvements to be made to our existing roads but, ultimately, they won’t be enough. Our transit system is truly wonderful, enjoyed by many and serves as an attraction to our guests but needs to be utilized as reliable, timely daily transit for those who drive into town, alone in their car to get to work.

Bob Berube

Kimball Junction

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Family of Jacquie says thank you


Our entire family wishes to express our sincere gratitude for the dignified memorial that St. Mary’s Catholic Church and parishioners conducted for Jacquie Miller. Saturday’s funeral service was such a moving tribute.

Thank you, Lee Gallagher for the gift of the Rosary in Jacquie’s honor, thank you Ted Colvin, Kimberly Tosti and Jan Zinn for your beautifully inspired solos and a special thanks to Jacquie’s favorite church choir and musicians for your thoughtful selection of hymns and song. The spiritual prayers delivered at Mass by Father Stan Herba and Deacon Tom Tosti, were deeply meaningful. We would have been lost without Katie Gideon and the Bereavement Committee. They were vital in guiding us through the funeral plans and hosting the Church reception. Everyone was so impressed with the delicious food prepared by Jacquie’s parish friends. No wonder she cherished her life in Park City. We are honored and lucky to be members of an extraordinary community. What a loving sendoff.

Rick, Kelly, and Olivia Miller, Maggie Barry, Diane Moody, and Patricia Spitz, Tim and Karen Miller, Wendy Jane and Leslie Kay Miller

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Kimball Art Center ReDo


With the "taking-over" of the Kimball Art Center (KAC) the proposed design seems to subordinate form over functional considerations. Soaring land prices, cost of air, construction cost, etc. certainly favors maximum profitability of every square foot as the enterprising force of design. However at what social cost? Nevertheless the conundrum of no clear right answer or good solution is present with the new plans under consideration. BIG’s proposed expansion and redesign plans of KAC in an urban form which retains organic elements, and open views into gallery spaces truly fits function with design creativity and beauty.

Like a teeter-totter the opposing sides weigh in and it seems whomever carries the most weight owns the ground space. If this is true then all that can be done is creative detail at the most. Creative design and beauty at tossed aside giving up ground. However what is the lesson of David and Goliath?

I am truly disappointed that the redesign of the KAC was so quickly rejected by those who felt it was not agreeable with our "Old-Town" heritage. whose definition of compatible, and WHY must every design in Old Town be so germane? No doubt the additions to the Museum de Louvre or the design of The Guggenheim did created controversy and where opposed, so what? Look how iconic they have become!

With the exception of a few tweaks for job security purposes is this a done deal, dead on the drawing board? Is there any chance we can keep The Kimball in the heart of our town where design and function challenge our thinking, where beauty transcends time. Or are we stuck with a design so terribly normal and temporalis?

John Sands

Park City