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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 15-17, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Record’s coverage of officer’s death was insensitive


I have read your paper for years and believe it does a good job representing and portraying our community and publicizing local interests. However, I want to draw attention to a Dec 30 article entitled "Ex-Park City sergeant kills self before embezzlement sentencing". I wish to express my disappointment in your decision to craft it as you did.

I was shocked and saddened by Mr. Lucking’s passing. He did a lot for the community and the Police Department . It is not my intent to condone or condemn Mr. Lucking or his actions, nor to speak of his guilt or innocence. I would like to bring attention to the insensitivity of comments made from those who played a major role in his demise.

The absolute last person he or his family would want to offer public condolences would be Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter and Attorney David Brickey. Whether their actions were justified or not, whether they were merely upholding the law, or enforcing department policy, they have already caused his family enough heartache and grief. While they may have had grounds for lawful action, how can they be so brazen as to praise someone in their passing when they have spent the last year of his life doing everything in their power to disgrace his name?

While I certainly don’t think it was your intention to publish an article that would have this impact, I am disappointed in you for seeking the opinions of these officials and for publishing their thoughts on his passing. That was reserved for people who knew him best and who had genuine reason to mourn his passing.

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While we may not agree with or support the decisions he made in his life, we do not know all the facts and we should all agree that his family is suffering a tremendous loss. A loss that should be met with compassion and consideration. I am wishing them peace and comfort in the days ahead.

Jaime Scott

Park City

Teacher defends stance regarding underage drinking


In response to Tami MacFarlane’s letter to the editor on Dec. 24: I would encourage Ms. MacFarlane to reread my letter. Nowhere did I ever use the word "all." Here’s a refresher "Let me be very clear: If my son is found drinking prior to his twenty-first birthday, I respectfully request that the Sheriff’s Office detain him….for hours. Inconvenience him; inconvenience me, please. For hours. Tell him his behavior is idiotic, and I promise I’ll do the same, and then my husband and I will shake your hand once he’s released safely. If you appear harried, abrupt, or even rude, I’ll understand that you had your hands full with dozens of obnoxious, drunk, and perhaps combative, teenagers and their self-entitled parents. I’ll get over it." Furthermore, my statements about adults providing alcohol to minors never said "all parents" but "some parents." Ms. MacFarlane should recognize the difference between those two words.

And, on the contrary, I would argue that it is my responsibility as a parent, citizen, and educator to respond proactively on issues that put my family’s well-being at stake, not to mention the well-being of the impressionable students that I teach. Whatever happened between the MacFarlane’s and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office is their business. I don’t know them. I wouldn’t recognize them if I passed them on the street. I believed the tone of Mr. Macfarlane’s letter was irresponsible, and I stand by that. Surely, there’s a better way to sway people than the editorial that was originally written and published. I would also argue that the tone was "heated, accusatory and negative"; likewise, there is little that is "calm, tolerant, or positive" in Ms. MacFarlane’s letter to the editor. The ideology being sold here is irresponsible and dangerous.

Public forum? Tell me where and when. I look forward to it.

Michelle Stratton

Teacher, Treasure Mountain Jr. High

Swimmers need to stay in their lanes


Park City is fortunate to have a well utilized pool at the Ecker Hill School. Not only does it serve the swim teams with practice and competition space, it serves the range of the very old to the very young and the very athletic to the non-athletic with a wide range of classes and open swim times. The pool is filled with signs announcing awards, swim workouts and rules. What is missing is a comprehensive and correct sign communicating which lanes are being used by teams, classes, open swim, etc by the hour. In an effort to provide as much water as possible to the most pool goers, the lane availability changes more often that a weekly schedule would reflect. This common courtesy will prevent embarrassment as well as individual and class disruption which leads to defensive behavior and anger.

Allison Florance

Park City