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Letters to the Editor, Jan.21-24, 2017

Submissions from Park Record Readers

City, resorts should invest in transit rider incentives


I believe we can put a Band-aid on our transit problem. It might not be a permanent solution, but if residents and visitors give it a try, it just might work. Human nature calls for instant gratification, especially if it means altering your lifestyle. To get people on the bus, let’s offer them incentives: the more you ride the bus, the more incentives you get.

Before I moved to Park City, I lived in an area that started an incentive program for recycling through Recyclebank, https://www.recyclebank.com. The more you recycled, the more points you accrued, which could be used towards coupons. Why not do the same thing for our bus system? All busses can be equipped with a card reader. Every time you ride the bus, you swipe your card. Every time you swipe your card, you get points. Anyone can get a card, whether you live here or are only visiting.

So who’s going to pay for these card readers, cards and the marketing it will take to make this program successful? Vail, Deer Valley and the town of Park City. All three will benefit when people get out of their cars and on the bus. It will take a lot of marketing to make visitors and residents aware of this program, but the benefits will be no more Carmageddons!

But incentives must be worth it for people to change their habits: discounted lift tickets, free lift tickets, restaurant coupons, resort restaurant coupons, event coupons, shop coupons. Go to Recyclebank’s website and see how many different rewards they offer https://www.recyclebank.com/rewards/

We already have a popular incentives program that works in Park City: Smith’s gas points program. And a successful one in Salt Lake as well: REI. Maybe Smith’s, REI and Recyclebank can give us some helpful advice on how to make this program work. If it can increase store loyalty and recycling, it can most definitely increase bus ridership.

Ellen Sherk
Park City

* * *

Student speaks out on immigration concerns


Immigration is the freedom of a person to migrate from a place to somewhere where they will change their lives. I think Immigration helps other countries to live better because there are some people who migrated to the United States and helped communities, for instance, they have built homes or buildings.

People think that people who migrate are bad or they bring bad things to places, but sometimes this is not true. Most come to start again and make a new life. Some of my family members have come from Mexico, and they were struggling at first, but then they were successful. They have helped in homeless shelters and their community as well by making and giving out food.

I think border patrol should not go to people`s houses to take them to jail for no reason. That bothers me because they do not do anything and then they are deported. When people pass the border, some die, some get lost and die in the desert and kids become orphans. Immigrants are a very important part of communities and they help a lot of people.

Josaphat Mendez
Park City School District student

* * *

Flanagan deserves a hug for the hot coffee and cocoa


On behalf of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, I’d like to express our thanks to John and Nancy Kenworthy, owners of Flanagan’s for opening their doors in the wee hours of the morning. Manager Greg and his staff had warm drinks and bagels awaiting us as we gathered and organized out of the cold for the March on Main. We filled the place with Teen Council and other high school students as well Planned Parenthood supporters from all over Utah. We also filled the place with pink hats, clever signs and enthusiasm.

Thanks to all the other owners on Main who opened early and supported groups of marchers.

Thanks to the city for helping organize an event that even when it grew by leaps and bounds, was still able to accommodate all that participated.
Thanks to the organizers for their time and effort in putting together a well-run inclusionary event that blended Parkites and Sundancers.

Thanks to the patient bus drivers who battled weather and crowds to get as many of us as possible where we needed to be.

And huge thanks to our police for ensuring a safe and incident-free day for all.

Tania Knauer
PPAU Board Member and proud Parkite

* * *

Trump’s budget cut proposals are misplaced


Eliminating the NEA would save Mr. Trump enough to buy about 150 shells for already obsolete cannons on the brand new $6.3 billion USS Zumwalt destroyer. Does he really want to save money or just perform in more GOP theater?

Nick Wright
Park City

* * *

Bonanza Flat has been waiting for just the right offer


Michelangelo is reputed to have said that, as a sculptor, his subject was already in the stone and he merely removed the excess. Similarly, Bonanza Flat was a mass of glacial till sitting under the Big Cottonwood glacier and global warming at the end of the most recent ice age melted the ice and set it free.

The continental ice caps didn’t reach Utah. More than 15,000 years ago the enormous Lake Bonneville filled what we now call the Salt Lake Valley and much of the Great Basin. So cold temperatures and lake effect snows created glaciers, including ones in Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. The Little Cottonwood glacier reached all the way down the canyon, but the Big Cottonwood glacier only filled the upper reaches of the canyon, leaving the lower portion to be carved by meltwater. Then, Lake Bonneville flushed out through Idaho and, as temperatures rose, the Wasatch glaciers receded.

Geologists say that the Cottonwood glaciers were probably well gone by about 8,000 years ago, by which time the warmer, drier climate revealed Bonanza Flat. Since then, it’s just been sitting there waiting for someone with $38 million to come along.

Bruce Margolius

* * *

Resident: ‘I am so proud of my town’

Early on a blustery morning with Parley’s Canyon clogged with snow and heavy traffic, thousands of people managed to park, ride the bus and collect at the top of Main Street. Each one of us came to make a different statement, to join others around the world in sending a POWERFUL message.

Such a major event came in the midst of our signature Sundance Film Festival with the town already filled to the brim.

Park City knows how to do amazing events. I wonder if any other town could have made this possible. Through the years we have developed event permits and check lists for organizers to guide the process. While the planning can be a pain in the neck, it proved its worth on Saturday. The event managers were superb. Park City’s event staff has the permitting experience to know what to require.

Security was particularly amazing. Where else do you find police, extra security officers, fire department and public works officials smiling, waving and fist pumping with the marchers? The placement of massive snowplows and fire trucks along the route was strategically brilliant for the safety of the marchers, and the drivers were very positive and encouraging. Busses worked flawlessly, if a bit slowed by conditions, and the drivers were helpful, understanding and informative. Thank goodness the Richardson Flat auxiliary parking was available to handle the extra numbers. The designated gathering in the Brew Pub lot and the march route were just about right. The Flag Pole lot was well outfitted for the speakers at the end of the march, though crowded to overflowing by the enormous numbers who showed up.

Everything about the Park City March on Main was well done. I’m proud of my town.

Sally Elliott
Park City

* * *

Constituent calls on Congress to rein in Trump

Dear Congressional representatives,

I am writing to you about Donald Trump whom I believe is a threat to our democracy, our way of life, our relationship to other countries and our history of inclusion of the different racial groups that have historically made up the USA and what we stand for. Trump wants to dismantle environmental protections, Obama care and make America isolated from the world politically.

He believes global warming is a hoax and wants to remove long fought for protection of our air and water quality in favor of monetary gains for the industrial sectors of our country and severe ties with many countries which could lead to disastrous consequences such as new wars and/ or the use of nuclear weapons. He has and is encouraging racism and gender inequality and the removal of woman’s rights. He lacks self-discipline, can’t control his temper, and is reactive to anyone who disagrees with him as is evident with all his tweets and lawsuits. He has repeatedly and flagrantly defied our governmental legal system with his business conflicts of interest, his placing of a relative in a governmental position (nepotism?), his refusal to release his tax records to the public and open contempt for our democracy. In other words, he is unfit for the presidency and is a danger to the American people and the world at large.

Well over half the citizens of the United States oppose Trump’s approach to governing. They deserve to be heard and their rights as human beings be valued. Please take measures to rein in this bull in a china closet and if not impeach him; demand that he end his destructive and thoughtless activities.

Geoff Morton
Heber City

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