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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23-26, 2016

Don’t let helicopters clutter our skyline


Have you noticed that this year at the hallowed film festival known as, Sundance Film Festival, the skies seem to be a bit more crowded? That is the fault of BLADE, a company that has brought in helicopters to make it "easier" to get to our town. Articles on the transportation, which is claimed to be better than Uber, state that it is an hour drive from Salt Lake International Airport to Historic Park City Main Street. It is either a 45 minute drive, or less, not that big of deal.

In today’s society, quick, easy, and accessible is what everyone craves. Particularly the crowd that we get during Sundance. Ever thought to stop and enjoy the view? Driving into Park City is beautiful, and completely worth it. You get to experience the areas of Park City, which doesn’t include Main Street. It seems as if the locals of Park City don’t even exist when the filmmakers and filmgoers invade our town. People live here and your presence disturbs our natural balance. We’ve grown to tolerate it over the years, but bringing in helicopters, disrupting the peace is like a big slap in the face.

Action needs to be taken to fix this problem, because I guarantee I am not the only person that thinks that the helicopters need to be gone. To anybody who happens to read this article: police, citizens of Park City, tourists, I encourage you to realize how bad this is for our town. As a citizen of Park City, I understand your concerns for the traffic, but you’re still going to be facing traffic while getting to your hotels, rental houses, or condos. The helicopters aren’t doing anything but disrupting the peace and making Park City less beautiful by polluting our skies with big, disrupting, loud, helicopters. I hope that Sundance discourages this use in the future, and that our city and county leaders pass laws to prohibit this from happening in future years.

Amanda Parry

Park City

Letter writer guilty of practice that he cirticizes


Michael Witte writes in his letter ("President’s State of the Union was masterful") that he has "real questions about the awful quagmire our national political life has become." I believe one important answer can be found in his own letter. Referring to Republicans as pathetic, larcenous and fools is not likely to lift us from the quagmire. And of course, the stale drum beat of all things anti-Bush isn’t helpful either. One’s beliefs may not always be universal truths but still warrant respect and consideration. For example, I disagree philosophically with many of Obama’s positions. Am I a fool?

Jeffrey Livingston

Park City

* * *

Disappointed and disillusioned with lawsuit threat


Ms. Wood, how long have you lived in Park City? I’m guessing not very long. The culture of this town is not to sue the city, it’s to get out and take your dog for a walk.

While everyone is working hard to find an equitable solution to dogs and people peacefully coexisting, you assume a disgruntled hiker would sue the city. I have a shelter puppy I’m working very hard to train to be responsible. A few months ago way out on the Rail Trail a lady with three huge dogs was walking her dogs. Her son had been deployed so she had taken his 100-pound puppy. The dog jumped all over me, actually hurt me a bit, but I understood the lady was doing her best. I said nothing. I’m not perfect but I hope there are more Park City residents like me who take dogs in their stride than ones who might sue.

I heard the word "community" the other day and I realized with all the hoopla over Vail and dogs and carmaggedon, that the bottom line is that we are not just a town, we are a COMMUNITY. I think most of the positive Letters to the Editor over the past few years have stressed that fact and hope that we continue to treat this town we moved to and love as our community.

Beano Solomon

Park City

* * *

Vail, please solve your lift-line problems


I am writing this complaint to Vail in The Park Record because it is apparent that everyone who makes this complaint individually just gets ignored. I am the coordinator of the Park City Mountain Sports Club ski program, so I represent the opinion of hundreds of our club members who hold Epic passes. We appreciate the wonderful improvements Vail has made recently in lifts and restaurants, but cannot understand why you have failed so miserably in your operation of lift lines. We all remember how much more smoothly both Canyons and PCMR lift lines used to run under previous owners. We also ski at other ski areas and see how much better their lift lines operate.

Please consider these simple suggestions:

1. Restore lift line coordinators to all busy lifts on busy days at busy times.

2. Have all lift lines at least 6 people wide leading up to all 6 person lifts.

3. Eliminate the "cute" diamonds in the ropes where lift lines merge because they narrow the lines and cause congestion.

Please listen to customer complaints and respond to them. We have dozens of our members who are hosts or lift line pass scanners, so we know how many complaints they get about lift line problems and how you continue to ignore them. Oh, yes, and maybe consider reassigning your current supervisor of lift lines to a new position such as sanitation services.

Bub Carlson

Park City

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