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Letters to the Editor, March 4-7, 2017

Submissions from Park Record Readers

Anti-Semitism is not a ‘faraway’ problem


The lists are popping up on social media, almost daily. They are, almost always, incomplete. Within moments of a posting of what looks to be a comprehensive list, friends from all over the country post the names of additional locations that were left off the list. These lists are JCC’s and synagogues around the country, terrorized by bomb threats. One was at the JCC in Salt Lake City. Imagine, young children and seniors (the most-represented daytime demographic at any community center), dedicated professionals and teachers, evacuated from a place that is meant to signify safety and community. This is not a faraway problem. And this is not “just” a threat.

Children in Park City come home and report incidents of Anti-Semitic comments directed at them in their schools. A place they are told, every day, is a safe community for them. They do not feel safe. This is not a faraway problem. This is not “just” kids talking.

Many of the comments I see on the lists I post—from Jews and non-Jews, from good people whom I respect—refer to these occurrences as “sad.” They are not “sad.” They are the worst kind of hatred, empowered by leadership that is promoting a culture of fear and divisiveness. Our community will not be an excuse to promote anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant speech, I will not be spun.

And, yet, some of the smartest minds I know are struggling to find ways to cope, to fight back, to protect ourselves, to create, again, the safety we all deserve when we go to a community center, to a house of worship, to a cemetery to honor the dead.

I say, we have to think big and start small. Temple Har Shalom ran a workshop with the ADL for families to help them learn tools to combat Anti-Semitism. It’s already happening in the Park City School District, where administrators are meeting with local Jewish leadership, as well as representatives from the Anti-Defamation League, to find support and solutions.

Be a witness. Be an ally. If you see something, say something. Don’t tolerate insensitive and hateful “jokes,” or slurs. Call elected officials and ask them what they are doing to find solutions. Are they speaking out? Are they promoting ideas that empower bullies? Are they meeting with religious and community leaders, calling the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for advice, and actively seeking to support the Jewish community? Ask these questions. Ask again.

Bari Nan Rothchild
Jeremy Ranch

* * *

Capt. Green’s letter represents regressive point of view


In response to Saturday’s guest editorial suggesting that a prior editorial by Mr. Green regarding equal pay for women was misunderstood:

Having read many of Captain Green’s guest editorials and letters over the years, I’m loath to grant him the benefit of the doubt and dismiss his views as poorly constructed sarcasm to be taken with a grain of salt. This man has consistently taken an extremely regressive (a better word than ‘conservative’ to describe GOP ideology) position on every issue on which he has chosen to speak. His thinking and views are clearly in step with those of fellow regressives, which is why he was elected Vice-Chair of the GOP in Wasatch County.

But his views (and theirs) are offensive to progressives everywhere, not to be taken lightly by those of us who would like society to keep moving forward and not take a giant leap backwards into a darker time.

Pete Nixon

* * *

Reader hopes sheriff will change policy on ICE detainers


In The Park Record article about the immigration forum, “Lawmen Assure Latinos Amid Tensions,” the Sheriff’s Office process for when someone from outside the U.S. is arrested was described by Sheriff Martinez. As part of that process, the Sheriff stated that if the arrested person cannot prove they are legally allowed to be in the country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is contacted. The undocumented suspect would be eligible to post bail and be released if ICE did not order them held.

What you neglected to say in the article is that the current practice of the Sheriff’s department is to hold the arrested person for an additional 48 hours if ICE requests a “detainer” so that they have time to interview the suspect and perhaps take them into ICE custody. However, at Thursday’s forum, Sheriff Martinez agreed to consult with his lawyers to determine if these ICE detainer requests have to be followed. The immigration forum panelist from the ACLU stated that ICE detainer requests are just that: requests, and not legally binding orders that have to be obeyed.

So, thank you to Sheriff Martinez for promising to look into the legality of detainer requests and for considering, if legally permissible, changing the practice of holding undocumented suspects simply due to ICE requests.

Bonnie Brown
Park City

* * *

Park City property owner is annoyed by spam from Realtors


My family owns a condo in Park City that’s title is addressed to my residence in Hawaii. I receive a shameful amount of junk mail from Park City area Realtors fishing for business. I would say at minimum I receive 15 pieces a week, often more. I used to call brokerages, ask to speak to an office administrator, and ask to be removed from any further mailing list. Then I started noticing this was having no effect. Not long after, on a call to a brokerage, I was connected with a principal broker, who told me that no matter what I do, the mailers will keep coming.

Realtors routinely search public tax records for the billing addresses of area homes and send out these mass mailers. I find this practice offensive on so many levels. First and foremost it is extremely wasteful. If the total tonnage of junk mail per year originating from these firms could be calculated in sure it would be shocking. Secondly, they offer no “opt out”. Even the inbox attackers at LinkedIn give you that.

I only visit once a year, and I think it might be nice to bring a little something from Maui, a file box full of mailers, that is as long as it’s not too heavy to check.

Ben Ellison
Maui, Hawaii

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