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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 28- Feb. 2, 2017

Submissions from Park Record Readers

Tell legislators to extend Earned Income Tax Credit


Debbie Baskin offers great ideas on how to make a positive difference in our country. (‘Ordinary people lobbying Congress for racial justice’ by Debbie Baskin, The Park Record, Jan. 20, 2017) By using our voices we can help end inequalities in our county. For example, by extending the Earned Income Tax Credit to working childless adults we can prevent many from being taxed INTO poverty. Asking our elected representatives to fully fund SNAP (formerly food stamps) we can help end hunger in America.

So take a few minutes to call or write your representatives and senators about these important matters. If you’re not sure how, check with results.org for help.

Willie Dickerson
Snohomish, Wash.

* * *

Trump doesn’t measure up to Lincoln’s legacy


On Thursday, Jan. 19, as part of the pre-inauguration ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Trump visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. A photo showing them standing at the base of the Lincoln Memorial perfectly demonstrated a stark contrast in the quality of character between Lincoln and Trump. Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents and Trump, a vainglorious man who is convinced he will be the greatest president in history.

Friday, after the inauguration TV news coverage showed former President Obama and his wife Michelle climbing aboard the helicopter that carried them away. As they departed Washington, the Obamas took with them the majesty, prestige, grace, dignity, humility and so many other traits of good ethical character that up to now had been hallmarks of the U.S. Presidency.

“Thus was sown the wind; and we are now reaping the whirlwind.”

Jon Seegmiller
Salt Lake City

* * *

Longtime residents bid farewell to the community


It is always hard to say goodbye and so we say farewell to you, our home for 37 years, with mixed emotions. We are excited for our new chapter but oh, what a home you have been for us! A wonderful city in which to raise our children and dogs and a city full of warm and welcoming neighbors. Park City wraps you in its collective arms and helps you through any times of trouble without a second thought. A place to make lifelong friends that always stand with you. A city that enabled us to make a good living while enjoying all the benefits of the great outdoors. A city that celebrates the arts, health, clean air, exercise and fun, fun, fun.

Please don’t ever change! We hope your current and future residents will always keep to these ideals and protect what is precious about Park City. Don’t let them sacrifice you in the pursuit of extreme riches. Stay well and we promise to come visit frequently.

All our love,

Robin and Francine Valline
Park City

* * *


I read with interest your editorial Wednesday about last Saturday’s Women’s March on Main Street. Your last sentence asked what you referred to as the uncomfortable question, “Where were all of these people when it was time to vote?” Our new president has asked the same question.

I’m unclear why you and the new president assume the marchers didn’t show up on voting day, but that is not the case. The vast majority were in the voting booths, casting almost 66 million votes for Hillary and seven million votes for Third Party candidates. Remember, our president lost the popular vote by about 10 million total votes. I even saw one sign in the Washington march that said “Trump Voter – but still support Planned Parenthood.”

These are your marchers.

Linda McReynolds
Park City

* * *

Tell your U.S. Senators to approve READ Act


Since November’s election, many have asked: Is it possible for an average
citizen like me to make a difference? YES!

Thanks to regular citizens volunteering with RESULTS.org, the House of
Representatives passed the READ Act (H.R. 601) on a voice vote on January
24. The READ Act will help improve the lives of children around the world
who don’t have access to a quality education by strengthening the
accountability and transparency of U.S. global basic education programs.
That way, we can be sure our investments are working, and not waste money
on failing programs.

So don’t give up. We can still make good things happen, but only if our
elected officials hear from us. Join me in calling on Senators Hatch and
Lee to join the bipartisan coalition to turn the READ Act into law.

David P. Billings
Salt Lake City

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