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Letters to the editor, Jan. 29-31, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Help find reckless driver


Last Sunday, at approximately 7:30 p.m., my husband was driving a blue VW van on the 224, and was hit by a dark green VW Taureg pulling out of Cove Canyon Dr. The Taureg hit the rear end of the passenger side of the van, causing it to flip, and then DROVE AWAY, toward Kimball Junction! Jason is incredibly lucky to be alive.

We are looking to the community to help us find this reckless driver.If you have any information about the accident, or a dark green VW Taureg with front-end damage, please contact the State Trooper at 435-615-3600. Case #071400128. Thank you,

Allison Dittmer

Park City

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The Women’s Giving Fund is on a roll


This month, Park City Community Foundation’s Women’s Giving Fund hit a big milestone 775 members. Even though we work everyday in the nonprofit community, we’re continually astounded and amazed by Park City’s generosity. Our goal is to build a $1 million endowment for local women and children by recruiting 1,000 members by April. Because of the tireless work of our volunteer committee, our goal is in sight!

We’re writing this letter because we want to publicly recognize the amazing work of our committee members. Led by Co-Chairs Jody Gross and Susan Richer, they’ve organized events, made thank-you phone calls, labeled envelopes and baked cookies. And that’s just the easy stuff they’ve also used their vast experience and total passion to strategize, brainstorm, implement and inspire. They’ve done it all the jobs that take intelligence and dedication, and the jobs that take getting your hands dirty and maybe even going beyond your comfort zone.

They’ve done this because they love Park City, and they believe that women, working together, can accomplish great things. We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you to our devoted committee of volunteers. You’re truly one in a million.

Trisha Worthington, Executive Director

Peregrine Bosler, Development Manager

& Katie Wright, Programs Director

Park City Community Foundation

Outraged animal lovers are watching


I am writing in reference to the Jan 17, 2014 story describing the abuse of horses at the Box Elder Fairgrounds that was exposed by a college student at Utah State University (See YouTube video.)

I am urging all constituents of Utah to contact their Representatives to push legislation through to end this cruelty. The rest of the outraged horse lovers throughout this country are watching to see what Utah will do. You have the power to bring change! The Utah Senate deadline for introducing new bills is February 6 — so there is not much time. Go to http://le.utah.gov to find the name of your state senators, if you don’t already know them, and tell them that a "sport" that inflicts fear and pain and can easily cause permanent debilitating injury to horses is not acceptable in YOUR state!

Watch the video by googling "horse tripping Utah".

Letty M. Grayson

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Vapers group opposes legislation

Utah Vapers is going on record to oppose SB0012 "Age limit for Tobacco and related products" as it is currently drafted. If enacted as written, this bill would: raise the legal age to purchase tobacco products (and by default e-cigarettes) to 21 and create a prohibition of online retail sales of electronic cigarette related products to and from Utah

While Utah Vapers does support efforts to control youth access of tobacco and related products, Utah Senator Stuart C. Reid has included language in section 76-10-105-1 (buried near the bottom of the bill) which if passes as written, will create an online prohibition of electronic cigarettes for the state of Utah. This means that NO Utah resident will be legally able to purchase products online from anywhere in the world. This also bans Utah retailers from having the ability to compete with the 2000-plus online retailers across the United States or service Utah residents located in rural areas that have no access to physical retail outlets.

Sen. Reid believes this will save consumers money and elevate state revenue through added sales tax by forcing residents to purchase in-state. However, due to the highly restrictive zoning requirements which retail locations are forced into, our retailers are unable to open leaving online stores as the only available option. The Utah Vapers believes this will force e-cigarette consumers in rural areas of the state back to smoking deadly cigarettes.

We are encouraging the Utah Legislature to set up an investigative bi-partisan committee to undertake a formal review of the body of research on electronic cigarettes before passing any further laws on this topic. To date, all decisions and laws passed were done based on information from the Tobacco Control organizations which are not providing all available data on electronic cigarettes to our lawmakers. This committee should be charged with meeting with researchers, health professionals, public and the industry to study all aspects to truly understand the impact to both the Utah population and the small businesses that support the consumers throughout the state and country.

At no time has Senator Reid or any of his staff reached out to the Utah Vapers or our members to truly understand the impact this will have on the community who rely upon these products to remain smoke-free. We have reached out to his office this week to request a meeting so we can discuss the business and population level impact of his proposal but have not received a response at this time.

Aaron Frazier

Director, Utah Vapers