Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30-Feb. 2, 2016 | ParkRecord.com

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30-Feb. 2, 2016

SOS Outreach program is a big hit in Park City


I just wanted to share that SOS Outreach successfully launched our first program day at Park City this past Sunday and wrapped up our largest program week EVER. We had 45 participants in the program from Ninos and Treasure Mountain complete their first day of the five-day Academy program on the slopes with 1,250 other youth completing programs across 13 other mountain resorts in 5 states. SOS program coordinators were incredibly impressed with the passion and ownership that everyone from Park City had in seeing the program be successful for the day. The team they interacted with at the ticket office, rental shop and instructors had researched SOS prior to the day and were genuinely excited.

We look forward to the completion of this program and a pilot of the one-day program during the current season. From these beginnings, I cannot wait to see what we’re able to accomplish to benefit underserved youth in Salt Lake City. I’ve included a great shot from the program day. Nothing but smiles!

Thank you for your support and helping us provide opportunities for local youth to experience the outdoors.

Rebecca Gould, SOS Outreach

Avon, Colo.

* * *

My Sundance Confesstimonial


Sundance brought me back to life

from years of desperation,

I now have purpose, friends and love

though in glowing moderation.

The Egyptian Theatre where I work

I’m treated well you see,

workers bold, with hearts of gold

most younger them than me.

As crowd liaisons we work outside

to "load the house" in time,

Directing patrons in the cold

to stand in proper lines.

The perks we get are dandy

but our coats I must confess:

Thank you Kenneth, Kenneth Cole that is,

for making us look best.

I love it here at night time

when the sky is colored black,

And in the early morning

when there’s frost upon my back.

But I feel a bit bewildered

as I walk to work each day,

That I’m having such a great time

in this job that doesn’t pay.

But the value of volunteering

most volunteers I think would say,

Is not in what you take in

but in what you give away.

Thank you all for listening

to my silly words that rhyme,

I hope that Sundance gives you all

great memories to find.

Richard Thorum

Park City

* * *

Drivers in Park City need to brush up on parking skills


My name is Matthew Baron and I am a 12 year old who attends Park City Day School. I have just recently been allowed to start riding in the front seat of our car, and now I notice that many car owners in Park City are horrible at parking. Parking spots have lines so that car drivers can park between them. But, I notice that many times drivers park on or over the lines. I don’t understand why they can’t park between the lines.

I was with my mom picking up my brother from skiing the other day and I was waiting at the drop off zone at the base of Park City Mountain. There were two spots remaining and one car in front of us. The car in front of us parked so that his whole wheel was over the line on what was going to be our spot. He looked down and noticed that he was over the line but still didn’t take 10 seconds out of his day to park better so we could get into the other spot.

I hope drivers will take a few extra seconds to think about this and park between the lines!

Matthew Baron

Park City

Park City welcomes Sundance’s diversity


Parkites observe a lot of things pro and con about the Sundance Film Festival, but the thing I love most about it is all the people of color in town. Can’t we get some of them to stay?

Thomas Horton

Park City

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