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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 9-13, 2015

Let’s put blame where blame belongs


This editorial has two parts as I came across two very different articles yet the same undertone of "blame."

The first is in response to Virginia being offended by the Gallagher production at the Egyptian Theatre. You should be blaming yourself for not doing your homework, not Randy Barton. Anyone who has heard of this comedian knows of his subject matter and mannerisms and would have known going into the production that it’s not going to be a conservative show. I think Randy Barton does an excellent job of diversifying the entertainment.

My second response is in regards to Maria Robert’s blame on the homeowners who lost their dog to a cougar.

First, to the dog owners, I’m very sorry for the loss of your pet / family member and for the injuries sustained to your surviving dog. This situation would have been devastating to me to say the least.

Maria, if you really want to place blame, then look in the mirror, we humans are the ones encroaching on wildlife habitat and pushing them or their food sources away.

As for letting out her dogs to relieve themselves, well, I would consider it negligent not to let them out no matter what time it is. It sounds like the cougar was in their yard or very nearby and saw easy prey versus the "dogs being let out to roam."

I’m sorry that DWR felt they had to kill the cougar instead of using a tranquilizer and testing it for illness and then based on results relocating or having it euthanized.

Donna Tiley

Park City

* * *

Most citizens are just fine with ‘multi-use" trails


I just enjoyed a wonderful multi-use trail day in Round Valley with the small dusting of fresh snow. I started the morning on skate skis and made a slow lap around Round Valley. When I started, aside for the wildlife tracks, there was only one set of snow bike tires in the freshly groomed portions of the trails. When I returned to the parking lot and switched from skis to a snow bike for a second lap, there were more sets of tracks, a couple snowshoe tracks, lots of boot tracks, more bike and ski tracks, and plenty of dog tracks.

On my second lap round RV on the bike I ran in to at least 30 individuals, all recreating in different ways, all happy and having fun. At the end of the second lap, there were many more tracks in the snow of all types. The tracks, the smiles on the faces, and the hoots and hollers coming from the fog, reminded me what a great multi-use trail system should be when it does cater to individuals. It also reminded me of what Charlie Sturgis (Executive Director of Mountain Trails Foundation) and Heinrich Deters (Trails Coordinator for Park City Municipality) have referred to as "The Old Park City," which in their words "does not exist any longer, though a few try to hold on to it."

When I returned to the parking lot there were quite a few people just setting off all with smiles except one individual who was complaining loudly (not sure to who, other than himself) that the groomed trails were being chewed up and ruts were being put in by bikes and divots by hikers. In looking and listening to him, it became apparent that this is what Charlie and Heinrich were referring to as "The New Park City" and the direction that they would like to see the trails move forward with.

The New Park City that Charlie and Heinrich refer to seems to be ignorant of the majority of the trail users, and catering to the few complainers, or the direction that they personally would like to see the trails system move which is more related to economics not trails, or trail use for the locals and majority of users.

Just because the majority of trail users do not whine to MTF and Park City Municipal does not mean they should be ignored or suffer from new rules and poorly guided trail development because of the few.

What I have observed on the trails in the winter and summer is that most trail users still live in the "Old Park City" and the "New Park City" that Charlie and Heinrich live in only exits in the minds and pockets of a very small minority.

John Files

Park City

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