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Letters to the Editor, July 1-3, 2015


Season passes to thank for Vail’s profit


The article in The Park Record Business Section on page 17 on Saturday, June 27-30 concerning Vail Resorts recent profitability is easily explained not by any stroke of financial genius, rather by an astounding in increase price of season passes.

I am 80 years old, skied at PCMR for 25 years and owned winter accommodations here for 17 years. My season pass for season 14/15 was $289, the cost for the same pass for the 15/16 season is $769, an increase of $480 or 266 percent. Perhaps Vail management will explain what I am receiving for the additional $480. The Vail management attitude toward opening Quit ‘N Time run on a timely basis to accommodate the folks in OLD TOWN who use Town Lift and Quit ‘N Time to come and go to the resort will be subject of another letter.

Bob Moore

Park City also Annapolis, MD

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Tiny Tri a great success


Park City Recreation hosted the 3rd Annual Tiny Tri/Olympic Day Celebration on June 13 at the Park City MARC. Many people helped make this event especially spectacular. The Park City Triathlon Club co-sponsored the event and provided many volunteers as well as goodies to give away in drawings. Councilman Tim Henney attended to read the Olympic Day Proclamation. Two time Olympian Jillian Vogtli inspired the kids and warmed them up before the race. The Market at Park City and Healthy Vending donated snacks for participants. Many Recreation and PC police staff and volunteers including parents helped on the route to keep everyone safe.

The generosity of our community allows our events to be fun and successful with their support of time, goods and services. Park City Recreation appreciates everyone who supported the 2015 Tiny Tri and made it so outstanding, including of course the phenomenal youth athletes who persevered like true Olympians! Thank you all.

Karen Yocum

Park City Recreation

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Factory farm video is unsettling


One of the reasons I am proud to live in Utah is our love for animals. I was so happy to see us make egregious animal cruelty a felony. We are a state of animal-lovers.

I was therefore disgusted to come across an undercover animal cruelty video online that hit very close to home. It showed hens crammed into tiny, wire cages. The hens could barely move and many had died in the cages. Cracked, festering eggs lay all over the floor of the barn, with flies swarming above them. This video was taken at a farm that supplies Costco with eggs. Many people I know shop regularly at Costco. I am devastated.

Upon looking in to this further, I read that Costco stated in 2007 that they intended to abandon these cruel confinement systems in favor of cage-free alternatives. Is eight years not enough time? In my research, I discovered that several food service giants including Burger King and Sodexo have committed to stop purchasing eggs from caged hens — all within five years.

This isn’t just a matter of animal cruelty; this can affect our health. Did you know that the likelihood of contracting Salmonella is substantially higher in eggs from caged hens than those from cage-free hens? I urge your readers to join me in shopping elsewhere until this important problem is addressed and corrected. I will not fund this awful treatment of animals or put my health at risk.

Chris Shapard

Park City

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Why hasn’t county banned fireworks?


For the past week I have been leaving voice mails to different Summit County Council people, and the secretary just kept forwarding me to some one different every time to try to talk to anyone about our concerns about fireworks.

I have noticed nearby neighborhoods that have been able to ban the use of fireworks during this coming 4th of July from July 1st – July 4th, specifically Canyon Creek condos, and Pinebrook. We live in Jeremy Ranch where we are surrounded by open space, and lots of dry brush. There is even a pathway people use up against our backyard that also opens up to East Canyon.

We are very concerned about the dry brush that surrounds our neighborhood and our houses. In the past years, we have had the ban of fireworks for 4th of July in Summit County. For some reason, that has still not happened this year. This makes no sense as we are in the driest season.

I am already hearing firework popping sounds at nighttime in our neighborhood. All it’s going to take is someone walking the pathway behind our house flicking a cigarette or blasting off that firework they bought 35 minutes away in Evanston, Wyoming to set our neighborhood, our backyard, our houses, on fire.

Summit County, do you really want to risk this? Why haven’t you banned fireworks yet this year? Isn’t safety first? Can we sue the county when our neighborhood, our house goes up in flames?

Please make the move now, and ban fireworks in Summit County.

Carey Gross and many other concerned neighbors

Jeremy Ranch