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Letters to the Editor, July 11, 2015


Do we need tell people not to chase moose?


Do we really need to add "Don’t Chase the Moose" signs on our bike trails?

Yesterday afternoon my 15-year-old son and I were riding up the Armstrong trail at PCMR. Fortunately, he heard a "whoop" ahead and pulled as far off the trail as possible; I saw him and did the same.

A few seconds later, a terrified moose raced down the trail. Stick out your arm, and that’s how close he came to us. Another second passed and a mountain biker flew past, whooping and having the time of his life.

The only reason I’m typing these words – instead of lying crushed on the mountain – is because my son was paying attention.

The other rider had no intention to harm us, but it’s clear he got so excited that it never occurred to him the degree to which he was putting other lives at risk.

Common wisdom says that if you see a moose, let it be. I guess we also need to add, "and never, ever chase it down the trail towards other people."

Bruce Kasanoff

Park City

* * *

Giving Fund completes mentoring program


Last week, the members of Park City Women’s Giving Fund (WGF) made their first high-impact grant to an incredible new nonprofit organization, PC Tots. The organization is creating an affordable, high-quality daycare to serve the needs of our community’s working families. This is the culmination of a year’s worth of effort to raise $1 million from 1,000 people. The result is an endowment that will forever serve local women and children.

However, along the way, volunteers, donors, and Park City Community Foundation staff realized that they had built much more than an endowment. They had also created a network of powerful, caring, and active women.

With the support of Vail Resort’s Epic Promise, this network of women have been giving back to local girls through a mentoring program. The program has two primary objectives. First, it links our members with existing mentoring programs. We have Women’s Giving Fund members who are dedicated volunteers for Holy Cross Ministries and Girls on the Run. Second, to create opportunities for our members to work with middle-school girls.

During the spring semester, six WGF members presented to 250+ Ecker Hill Middle School girls during "Power Lunch" topics like leadership, stress relief, and self-esteem. This fall, the program will extend to Treasure Mountain Middle School with a focus on wellness in an afterschool setting.

In March, girls and mentors spent an incredible afternoon at Canyons Resort, testing their determination on the Zip Line course. It was an opportunity for young adult women to engage in quality time with WGF members and talk about what their futures hold.

As the coordinator of the WGF mentoring program, I want to thank all of our WGF mentors, Ecker Hill personnel, (especially Ginny Etheridge), the school board for welcoming our participation and, a big heartfelt thank you to Vail Resort’s Epic Promise for seeing the potential in PC girls and our WGF members!

Lauren Vitulli, Mentoring Coordinator

Park City Community Foundation

* * *

What are the planners thinking?



What is the biggest problem in Park City and parts of Summit County? You’re right, TRAFFIC. I read with interest in the Park Record that Summit County and Park City are ready to approve a new Transit Center at Kimball Junction at a cost of approximately $2.4M. One of the biggest objectives as I understand it from the Park City Council and Summit County Council is the try to alleviate this situation over the strategic horizon ! I am dismayed that the new Center plans to have 20 PARKING SPACES! What are the Planners thinking? If you want to take traffic off 224, why would you not do that at Kimball Junction, i.e. at the Transit Center? It appears like another "Planners dream" for the City and County. If this is approved in its present form, it will clearly demonstrate how serious our elected officials are about solving the traffic issues while pushing for more and more growth in the area!

Chuck Haggerty

Park City

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