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Letters to the Editor, July 16-19, 2016


Make sure your vote for House District 53 was counted


When HB 172 passed and became Law in 2012, I thought it would make it easier for people to participate in the democratic process. Mailing in a ballot at our convenience would make it more likely we would vote and there would be no concern about something coming up at the last minute on election day, or if we just forgot, and did not make it to the polls.

In theory, in 2012, it was a good idea. In 2016 as the law is written, we are finding it is keeping some rural voters’ ballots from being counted. According to The Park Record’s article, https://www.parkrecord.com/news/summit-county/rep-mel-brown-refuses-to-concede-to-challenger-in-house-district-53-race/, “approximately 163” Summit County ballots were not counted in the 2016 Republican Primary. In Summit Co.’s House District 53 race there is an eight-vote difference between candidates.

The 163 ballots were not counted because they were not postmarked on time. How can the public have confidence in vote by mail when there are that many disenfranchised voters? The law required voters to mail their ballots by June 27. 163 ballots were not postmarked until June 28 or after when rural ballots were sent to Salt Lake City to be processed even though in good faith citizens had mailed them before the June 28 deadline.

This is wrong and casts a shadow on Logan Wilde’s validity as the Republican candidate for HD 53. I applaud Rep. Brown for not conceding this race until the final state canvass and recount. I urge voters to check online at vote.utah.gov and make sure your vote is counted.

As to the 163 of you who mailed your ballot in compliance with election law and who find your vote was not counted please contact the Lt. Governor’s office at:
(801) 538-1041
(800) 995-VOTE
E-mail: elections@utah.gov

Lisa Kirchenheiter
Park City

* * *

Utah business group mourns with citizens of France


I am deeply saddened to learn of the recent, senseless attack on the country of France. With World Trade Center Utah having just led a trade mission to Nice a month ago, this news feels particularly devastating.

We experienced firsthand the kindness and hospitality of the Nice people, and our thoughts and prayers are with them as they cope with this horrible act of violence. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our trade relationship with this region through our partnership with Team Côte D’Azur.”

World Trade Center Utah President and CEO Derek B. Miller
Salt Lake City

* * *

New terror attack calls on Muslim leaders to ensure separation of church and state


This is a real war we are in! Theocratic Islam culture vs Western Judeo/Christian culture. We were not against all Germans, nor all Japanese, who obeyed what their leaders forced on them. We are not against all Muslims, but must somehow defeat the Supreme Theocratic Religious Authoritarianism of Islam that is out to destroy us.

There must be a true separation of church and state, such as we have in America, before we can live peacefully with Islam. I live for the time when Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei the current leader of Iran, announces to the Shiites that “You will be judged for your sin rather than rewarded in Heaven for butchering innocent humans who refuse the religious demands placed on them.”

To become Americans, Islamic immigrants must accept fully and abide by our separation of church and state.

Ralph Gates, WWII Veteran
Park City

* * *

Call it Park City Mountain Resort and we’ll all be happy


In attempting to secure the “Park City” trademark, Vail argues that it’s “only intent is to assure that no other ski area in the United States calls itself Park City.” However, if granted, this trademark application would far-reaching effects. It would preclude any other business or entity from using the name “Park City” (i.e. Park City Roasters).

If Vail is truly concerned “only” about other ski areas using the name “Park City,” then a simple remedy would be for Vail to apply for a trademark for “Park City Mountain Resort.” I believe that Vail wants to assert greater control over our community. I oppose such control and I ask our Park City Council and City Hall to formally oppose Vail’s trademark application.

Ellen Hendrickson
Park City

* * *

Long-time local says town is not a corporation

Dear Vail,

Who do you think you are? I say that phrase jokingly a lot but I mean it quite seriously right now. Who do you think you are coming into our town and trying to take our name? Park City is where I grew up, it’s home. Park City is where I was born, learned to ride a bike, went to school K-12, learned to ski, attended the Fourth of July parade on Main Street every year, graduated from Park City High School, volunteered, worked.

This town is engrained in me and I will always consider these stunning mountains home. Park City is a tightknit, diverse family, NOT a corporation. Vail I urge you to embrace our community, not try to own it. Even if you win this trademark, you will have lost in my eyes.

Natalie Beal™
Park City

* * *

Don’t let Vail snatch Park City’s identity


The first thing Vail did after taking over PCMR was throw out the local coffee roaster as supplier to the mountain and go with big corporate Starbucks. Yup, so concerned about locals and the town. That was only the beginning. Next will be variances on building huge hi-rise buildings blocking views and turning Park City into a true “CITY.” Hey, Council: keep Park City from becoming Vail City. The Valiens are like body snatchers.

Nick Hudson
Park City

Aspen resident has advice for Park City

Dear Park City community,

I love your beautiful town. As an Aspen Ski instructor, I regularly brought my Aspen clients to your amazing mountains for 15 years because, y’all really do have the “best snow on earth.” We rarely experience the kind of double-digit dumps Park City gets regularly.

Regarding Vail’s current tactics, it’s the same battle we’re waging in Aspen: big money (resort) vs. community.

Although Park City residents may be hesitant to mouth off because Vail Resorts retaliates harshly, beware of Vail’s CEO.

Recall the lyrics that the owners of Aspen—a billionaire Chicago family, “best friends” with our corrupt President, fired the local folk singer Dan Sheridan here over New Year’s for: “Big Money Ruins Everything.”

Park City, make us proud. Send Corporate America a message.

Lee Mulcahy
Aspen, Colo.

* * *

A disgruntled skier plants a pole in the sand


Let me count the ways that Vail has enhanced to skiing/snowboarding experience. Zero! (Maybe some better snowmaking at PCMR.)

Yes, they brought more business to the area, which resulted in massive traffic jams. The money spent on that stupid gondola connecting the two resorts should have been spent on roads and parking. That gondola is just a marketing gimmick so PCMR can claim to be larger than Big Sky, Montana.

We cannot let Vail trademark Park City, especially in light of the covenants they refused to sign on Wednesday regarding other uses of “Park City.” Enough is enough. We need something substantial for the users of the mountains in return.

Bob Mindell
Heber City

* * *

If Vail won’t concede, businesses can fight back


Vail’s prepared statement says “our only intent is…that no other business falsely represents or suggests that it is affiliated with or connected to our Park City ski area.”
Well, OK then, I think there may be plenty of local businesses that would be more than happy to post signage saying “this business is NOT affiliated with Park City Mountain Resort, we proudly serve the entire Park City community.”

Toby Mamis

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