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Letters to the Editor, July 19-22, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

County council should include public in fairgrounds talk


Where is the transparency in our government? I just heard through the rumor mill the County is looking at moving the Summit County fairgrounds next to my land and home. I did some research and have found the estimated cost to move the fairgrounds is $19 million to a new site. The cost to renovate and fix the current site is estimated at $11 million. Do we really want to spend this type of money on moving the fairgrounds when they currently own the land they have?

Why would the County be willing to spend $19 million and then also let go of a piece of ground they currently own. If they do not keep the fair there, the land reverts back to Coalville City. Moving the fair will most likely also affect the economy within Coalville City if it is moved out of the town.

The County is also talking about making it a multi-use facility for year round events. The increased traffic on Hoytsville Road will affect everyone along it due to no close exits and it will be year round not just two weeks a year.

Couldn’t they find a more central location for a multi use event center so it is close to all parts of the county? Will other parts of the county even use this facility? Will this be wasted taxpayer money? Does the Summit County Fair make enough money to justify the cost they are talking about spending?

Other issues to ask are: where will the sewer and water going to come from, how will this be handled, is this included in their estimated cost?

The noise from the freeway is another issue. It is very loud in this section and I feel will negatively impact the fair and other events they plan to hold. Trucks hit their jake brakes and the rumble strips constantly through this area.

This is a huge investment with what looks to be very little public input. I am concerned at how this affects all of us within the county. Where are the public hearings and public input prior to the County just spending the money? I think we should all question this action.


Gale Pace


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Christian Center spreads awareness of important issues


Thanks to Park City’s Rob Harter, Executive Director of the local Christian Center, for hosting the Utah Lt. Governor’s Multicultural Commission meeting Tuesday, July 15. The key topics of health, education, economic development and corrections focused on Utahns. The Q&A, open to the audience, raised awareness and forwarded a better understanding of vital social issues including diversity, religious inclusion, quality of life and general well-being. Glad to have attended as the media/legislative liaison for Christian Science in Utah!

Elizabeth Beall

Park City

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A simple plan for big egos


Revenue sharing. All they have to do is put their egos aside. If the were to do revenue sharing based upon vertical feet of lifts skied or lifts taken, all they would need to do is put in sensors at each lift in PCMR,. These sensors similar to the ones already at the lower lifts at PCMR or similar to the ones at canyons to measure vertical feet for epic pass. Revenue (day pass or season)would be shared based upon percentage of vertical feet or # of lifts taken in each resorts terrain. PCMR would get a bonus of 3 times for the first lift of the day. All expenses , including snow-making ,grooming ,employee cost would be each resorts own responsibility. This would force each Resort to upkeep and improve it’s own terrain to attract more skiers. For Vail this would be replacing the lifts that PCMR has long ignored, PCMR would actually have to think about parking.. The town wins, Vail wins, PCMR stays in business(and if One Wasatch ever happens it would reap the benefits).

Stuart Goldner

Park City

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KAC gives shout out to county


On behalf of all the hard working nonprofits in town, we would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts of Summit County for their ongoing financial assistance to our programs. Summit County grants touch virtually all of the things we love about our town and that make our community one of the most desirable places to live, work, play and visit in the world.

Our quality of life is of the highest caliber thanks to County support of the arts, music, education, film, entertainment, culture, and our beautiful trails. Thank you and our local citizens for all that you do to support us, and for your generous contributions to the Summit County nonprofit institutions.

In gratitude,

Kristie Henderson

Communications Director, Kimball Art Center