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Letters to the Editor, July 22, 2015


Don’t rely on mind readers when making a turn


Rant follows: According to the Deputy Sheriff, failure to signal is still a traffic offence and putting your blinker on when you are in the left or right turning lane and stopped does not count. The people behind and around you can then figure out where you’re heading. Motorists are required by law to signal before they change lanes or change directions.

It’s so inconsiderate to amble along without signaling — whether there is a car behind you or not. Even pedestrians and cyclists benefit from knowing where cars are heading. There is a reason that every car is outfitted with a signal stick — it’s not an optional extra and, it requires very little effort to use it — just try extending your middle left finger and voila! I’m thinking that in my next car, instead of the blinker, I’ll request a crystal ball – which will be an optional extra.

Rant over!

Caroline Graham

Park City

* * *

Parent resents characterization of ‘older kids’


I would like to say a huge thank you to Sebe Zieser for informing us that all our "older kids" do nothing in the bus but watch "inappropriate media such as Internet porn, violent games and adult content YouTube videos." Truly our "older kids" are nothing but a bunch of miscreants and hooligans. Contact with them should be limited and apparently only with adult supervision. Glad we have such an informed community watch dog in our midst!

Sincerely (in Sarcasm),

Julianne Rosen-Carone

Park City

* * *

Parkites should be proud to proclaim anti-idling stand


I love that Park City has an anti- idling ordinance for vehicles. But we sure have a lot of idling going on this summer. So I started being on the lookout for signage that lets our visitors, and citizens know that we are a no idling town. I can’t find any not even on the many City properties and parking lots. Nor do I see mention of our ordinance on the Chamber site, or in ads for Park City.

It seems to be a well-kept secret.

We should be proud of this ordinance. The signs should be everywhere, with a lovely logo and a positive message such as "We love our clean mountain air and hope you do too. Please help us keep it that way by not idling your car." Besides City-owned property, we can convince private business owners, such as the coffee shops and grocery stores, that having clean air is in all our best interests for our future economic health, as well as our personal health, and that they should be proud to post the signs. Plus "green" is a good marketing strategy for our town and for businesses.

As it says on the Park City Municipal Website (although not on the home page) "Park City is the first community in Utah to adopt an idling ordinance and joins a growing number of states and communities across the U.S. which have taken similar action to protect the environment and human health." Let’s let people know!

Kathleen Kelly

Park City

* * *

PCSD board needs to address slip in national rankings


After hearing Dr. Conley’s talk about being the ‘best’ in the nation, I wondered what metric for scholastic achievement they are using.


According to the 2015 US News/ World Report, out of the 20,000 or so high schools in the country, PCHS is not even listed in the top 4,000. We are, in fact right in the middle of the pack, where Utah schools are considered, of which Timpview High in Provo ranked #952 nationally, earning a ‘Silver’ rating.

PCHS does fairly well in language proficiency — 96 percent, but falls down in math — 59 percent proficiency. College readiness is 52.4 out of a possible 100

This is particularly infuriating to me, when considering the District’s planned juggling of grades, moving schools out of our community, and schemes for huge sports complexes, all at significant impact to our neighborhoods and great expense to taxpayers.

I think it’s time the District and Project Team come clean, and refocus on quality education for Park City students.

Steven A Swanson

Park City

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