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Letters to the Editor, July 22-25, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Andy is my choice for mayor


In my two terms as a Park City Council member, I had to honor to serve with two candidates and work extensively with the third. I served six years with Dana as Mayor, four years with Andy on the Council, and served with Roger in many, many meetings, including the Joint Transportation Advisory Board.

I also served for two years with our current Mayor, who has served our community well and with integrity. (Happy travels, Jack, and thank you!) I believe our Mayor should be collaborative and passionate. We need someone who understands the nuances of working regionally with diverse groups. We need a Mayor who will continue our amazing momentum toward being a complete community we all want to continue living in. We need a Mayor who can listen respectfully to opinions that diverge from his own (I only say his because this time around it is only the guys) and most importantly learn from those divergent opinions.

In my extensive time working with these candidates, there were occasional disagreements, differences of opinion or priorities, or of paths to an agreed goal.
For all the reasons stated above, Andy Beerman gets my vote for Mayor. But for me the most important of the reasons is the last one. You really get to know how someone behaves and treats others when you don’t agree. Andy has earned my vote.

Liza Simpson
Park City

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Beerman would bring valuable relationships to mayor's post

To Park City Residents:

I encourage you to vote for Andy Beerman for Mayor of Park City in the upcoming primary election, and again in the general election in November. Having lived in Park City for much of my life, and having served on the Park City Planning Commission for nearly 10 years, I have rarely seen a candidate better positioned to help our town.

Andy's track record on limiting growth, preserving/expanding open space, and protecting the environment are the main reasons I support his candidacy, but he also has the unique advantage of spending the last five years cooperating with our state and county representatives to reach the right goals at the right times. We should take advantage of this "real time" knowledge, and all the valuable relationships that he has worked so hard to build, by voting for Andy Beerman in both the primary and general elections.

Adam Strachan
Park City

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Transit officials need to fix routes to and from Kimball


I live without a car in Park City, and have always praised our transit system and it’s capable and friendly drivers, as one of the best in the nation. I also am in support of electric cars and buses. However, the transit system has taken a giant step backwards with the introduction of the White Electric line and the removal of the Brown Express line.

The Brown Express line was popular and gave another faster option to Kimball Junction to the heavily used, but slower Pink line. Now riders from Kearns to Newpark in Kimball Junction, no longer have an faster express option. Even worse, the previous Brown line riders now have to use the slower Pink line, which has created delays of 10 to 15 minutes.

The transit system pretty much always was a close to on-schedule, but since the introduction of the White electric, the entire system seems to be running later. Again, I support our transit system and electric buses, but transit management needs to quickly move to correct a major strategic blunder.

Roger Duck
Park City