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Letters to the Editor, July 25-28, 2015


Water Company should be as transparent as its product


I experienced firsthand waterboarding in Summit County, not at the hands of the CIA or ISIL, but at a recent general meeting of the Summit Water Distribution Company.

Perhaps 40 of us gathered in May to hear why the rates for our water were going up significantly. The winter snow pack was meager. May was wet. We all know that water is tight. The issue was not that our rates were rising, but that there was no background information, no specifics with numbers. So the water board "waterboarded" us, kept us in the dark.

As a group that evening we asked for specifics, for transparency, for a movement away from "trust us" to "here are the figures." It is now almost the end of July. I just received my bill, with the increase, with no specifics about why. It is certainly not my usage. I’m at 9.71 percent of my share. But I come away from this with the hope and the expectation that companies that serve the public, whatever they may be, be transparent in their accounting and that the accounting be easily accessible. This is not yet the case with SWDC.

Jeffrey Louden

Park City

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People’s Health Clinic helps to mend health care gap


The Park Record article last week featuring Summit County resident Dawn S. highlighted a fact many people are not aware of: over 60,000 Utahans do not have access to health care through any kind of insurance. The State of Utah has still not accepted available Affordable Care Act funds to expand Medicaid, which creates a very large crack for low-income and uninsured people to fall through. This gap is the very reason the People’s Health Clinic was created 15 years ago. When you’re uninsured, where do you turn? Single parents, low-income employees, and families with kids…anyone without insurance in Summit or Wasatch County is welcome at the Clinic. Dawn does not have to drive 70 miles to the Maliheh Free Clinic in Salt Lake. She will find medical personnel and caring volunteers at the People’s Health Clinic who will see she gets the care she needs.

Health problems can create a domino effect of hardship. The People’s Health Clinic is here to serve as a safety net to anyone who needs quality healthcare but has no access to health insurance. We are always happy to offer tours to anyone interested in learning more about what we do and how we are keeping Park City healthy, one patient at a time.

Nann Worel, Executive Director

The People’s Health Clinic