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Letters to the Editor, July 27-29, 2016


Outrage over Vail overplayed


Congratulations to the outraged Parkites celebrating their victory over Vail Corp’s trademark. I have to wonder though if this is a pyrrhic victory. Remember, this is the same town that managed to evict a really cool downtown arts center because of outrage that their new building was too…artsy. So instead of art we will be getting a fixed-up old garage with retail. Yay. Sometimes outrage can be misplaced and overplayed. Just sayin’.

Ron Reich
Park City

* * *

Time for Utah GOP to join the rest of the party


It’s time for the Utah Republican Party to help create unity by deciding to aggressively support The Donald.

Sure he’s not perfect and far from the standards of most Utahans… but if we are going to keep the Dark Side from gaining the Oval Office it’s imperative at this point. Our Republic might not survive having Hillary as president.

Being sore losers (with Cruz gone) will help no one. Every single Republican needs to vote for the Party’s nominee! Let’s help Make America Great Again!

Captain Jim Green
Wasatch County GOP Vice Chair

* * *

Summer school offers great experience for local families


I would like to compliment some amazing people here in Park City.

John Hall was the director of a 6-week summer school program for students in the Park City School District. Between the hard-working and prepared “Principal” Hall and the ever-so-generous Holy Cross program, we had an incredibly successful 6 weeks. My regular job is teaching 4th grade at Parley’s Park Elementary, but this was my first experience teaching summer school. With the help of the many young volunteers, teachers, custodians, cheerful cafeteria workers, college students from all over, and more, the children had a positive experience with interesting hands-on science activities daily.

The Summit County Library Book Mobile came weekly with Mr. Lee. They loved that! Furthermore, we had educational field trips, free breakfast and lunch for children, as well as literacy activities in the classrooms. Even Basin Rec was involved doing creative and fun physical education classes with the children. It takes a village, and we sure do have a generous one. I, for one, am so happy and proud to have been a part of the Holy Cross/Park City School District Summer School 2016.

Jennifer Shane
Park City

* * *

Park City should protect its name


Now that Vail has temporarily withdrawn its trademark application, I urge the town of Park City to trademark its name.The city should trademark the name and let it be used by all, including Vail.This will ensure all businesses in Park City will have fair access and the ability to know they will not be required by any entity to change their company name, change their website domain name and be bullied to lose their local branding and marketing efforts. Also no one else will be able to trademark the Park City name in the future.

Our town should not rest just because Vail withdrew its application. Nothing will stop some other entity from trying this in the future, other than the town of Park City doing it first.

And, a special thanks to Dana Williams and so many in Park City, for caring. We live in the greatest city in the world. Let’s keep our name Park City, the community we so love and enjoy, every day!

Stuart Goldner
Park City

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