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Letters to the Editor, July 4-8, 2014

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Pipeline is the safest way to move oil through Summit County


My 40-year career has been in the petroleum industry. My first 30 years were spent with a major oil company in their transportation department where I handled the transportation of petroleum products by truck, rail, marine vessel and pipeline throughout the U.S.

For the last several years I’ve owned my own company here in Utah that produces the liquid asphalt which is used in making the asphalt you drive on. So from a purely selfish standpoint I would like to see the Uinta Express Pipeline not put in since the heavy truck traffic would require more of my asphalt to be used for highway expansion and maintenance and I would benefit from that.

However, being a Summit County resident and environmentalist as heart, that would be the wrong decision. It is not arguable that pipelines are the safest most environmentally sound and least expensive method of transporting petroleum products. The hard data kept by various government agencies clearly proves this.

It amazes me when I become aware of people saying otherwise when a bit of research will show them the facts. When you compare the metrics of transporting petroleum products by truck versus pipeline, trucking is by far the least favorable option to transport petroleum products. It’s not even close.

Folks, the crude oil is going to be transported from the Basin to the Salt Lake City refineries whether it is by truck, rail, pipeline or handcart. That is a fact and it’s been going on for years and it is not going to stop regardless of the mode of transportation. Not putting in the pipeline will not prevent the flow of product into the refineries. Putting in the pipeline will improve the safety, lessen the environmental impact and reduce the carbon foot print of this movement.

There are thousands of truckloads each month transporting the crude oil today. Imagine the carbon footprint of this from just the engine emission of these trucks alone. Let’s transport this petroleum the best way and that is via pipeline.

I’ll just have to live without the added revenue to my business.

James Hulse

Park City

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Let PCMR and Talisker settle dispute themselves


Back off Park City and all those who are worried about the loss of money that is in it for them, and let Talisker and PCMR have their fight. When you live in such a place as a ski resort where things can change quickly and where it’s a risk in many ways to live here, and invest here, this should not surprise you. Let them battle it out their way and let them take the time they need to do it. Even if you lose.

Lisa Anderson

Park City

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