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Letters to the Editor, July 5-7, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Please add Black Rock Ridge stop to Kamas bus route


Having lived in Park City for 40-plus years, I was so pleased to see the bus service extended out to State Road 248. My husband and I have worked on Main Street for many years and parking has always been a challenge, although when we lived on a bus route we always used the very excellent bus service.

We recently downsized and moved to Black Rock Ridge at the Brown’s Canyon road exit off of S.R. 248. Since moving there, I have been amazed at the traffic problems on Kearns Blvd. coming into Park City. When I heard the news that a new route was being added, I assumed that the busy area around Black Rock Ridge and Park’s Edge would be included in the stops along S.R. 248 but was upset when I saw this was not the case. Many of the residents of this area work in town and would make good use of the bus stop. It is too far for me to walk to Deer Mountain or the hospital.

Is there a plan in the near future to include a stop near the entrance to Brown’s Canyon?

Krista Wilhelmsen
Black Rock Ridge

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Here's why we should leash our dogs


Wednesday early evening I noticed a doe come down for water along East Canyon Creek. I put my dogs in the house so they would not disturb her. A few minutes later I noticed a small group of people walking along the trail with their dogs off leash.

They saw the doe and said, "Oh look, there’s a deer," and off the dogs went chasing the doe up the hill. One dog came when called but the other dog was off and running. I am still not sure if they ever found the dog. This trail runs along the north side of I-80 and is on the Swaner Nature Preserve and next to East Canyon Creek.

A week ago I saw a fawn with a doe in the same area. We need to be aware of our surroundings and the wildlife we share it with. If it was the mother of the fawn I saw the other day the fawn could die if the doe was injured running from the dog. The dog could get injured or worse killed.

Please be a responsible dog owner and leash your dog we have many ground-nesting birds along with moose, elk, marmots, etc., that live along our trails. Think outside the box and know that your actions affect not only you but those wild creatures surrounding you.

Mary Perry, dog owner
Park City

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Park Silly Sunday Market is great, if you can get there

My wife and I enjoyed our time at the Park Silly Market this past Sunday. But we will not be going there again anytime soon because of the transportation problems that we encountered getting to and from Main Street from the Park City High School parking lot. Unlike the efficient and expeditious transportation arrangements for the Kimball Arts Festival from the High School to Main Street that takes only about 10 minutes, one must take the Prospector Square bus, which took about 30 minutes each way, is not a direct route and has lots of stops. On our return we waited at the Old Town Transit Center for almost 30 minutes when our bus didn't arrive on time.

The return bus was packed with passengers who could barely find room to stand in the aisle. For most of the ride two young children were having a screaming contest, which their parents futilely attempted to stop.

If you like to ride in over-crowded, noisy and late buses that wander around Robin Hood's barn, you are in luck, because they are available if you wish to go to the Park Silly Market on a holiday weekend. My preference is for the city to use some of that money that they are planning on spending on those trendy, but expensive, Teslas to increase the number of city buses available on busy holiday weekends. We would get more bang for the taxpayers' buck, and no one could complain about the infuriatingly wasteful spending that purchasing Teslas is seen to represent by many Park City residents.

F. Joseph Feely III
Park City