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Letters to the Editor, July 9-12, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

This isn’t the city’s battle


Back off Park City and all those who are worried about the loss of money that is in it for them, and let Talisker and PCMR have their fight. When you live in such a place as a ski resort where things can change quickly and where it’s a risk in many ways to live here, and invest here, this should not surprise you…Let them battle it out their way and let them take the time they need to do it. Even if you loose.

Lisa Anderson

Park City

* * *

School board candidate says thanks for votes


I would just like to offer my belated but heartfelt thanks to all those who helped and supported me during the school board primary campaign. I am very grateful to those who offered their time, assistance, & kind words of support, and I appreciated the opportunity to run for the school board position.

Also, I would like to specifically recognize and thank the following businesses and organizations for their efforts: Jeffrey Rothchild and Proforma Peak, for outstanding and personalized campaign design & supplies; PCEA, for sponsoring the Community Forum for all candidates and encouraging the community to vote; and KPCW and the Park Record, for providing comprehensive coverage about the primary and all four candidates.

I have to thank Ed Lowsma as well, for providing a bit of comic relief at times when I needed a laugh. Finally, I thank all who took the time to vote on an early summer Tuesday. Though it was probably the shortest ballot ever, I think all four candidates appreciate those who felt it was important to cast their ballots. So once again, thanks, to all.

Julie Nirula

Park City

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American flags should be respected


Once again I enjoyed the July 4th parade in beautiful Park City. I love seeing people decked out in their red, white and blue, families enjoying the festivities and the abundance of American flags being displayed.

I am a stickler for respect for the flag, and I was disappointed to see the flag being worn as a cape and a couple of flags in the parade being carried that were being dragged on the ground. According to Standards of Respect for the American flag, it should not be used as part of a costume nor should any part of it ever touch the ground. I don’t think the bearers of the flag in the parade were dragging it intentionally, it was hot and they looked tired, but it is a detail that the sponsor of the parade entry should pay attention to.

I can’t speak for the young man wearing the flag as a cape; I hope someone enlightens him. Park City puts on a grand show of patriotism, we honor those who serve us and wave the flag with pride, we just need to treat the flag with the respect it deserves.

Susan Barbisan