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Letters to the Editor, July 9-12, 2016

Best wishes to Twice the Dough owner


July 8 was a sad day for Park City, and for doughnut lovers everywhere. Twice the Dough Doughnut Shop turned out their last batch of billowy brioche doughnuts today.

If you were lucky enough to experience the aroma of a box of these fresh, all-natural doughnuts, you understand what the community will be missing.

If you had the chance to bite into your own fudge-covered, maple whiskey-glazed, apple cobbler or pastry-cream filled work of art, your taste buds are mourning the loss of this gem of a shop. Gluten- free and vegan folks were also deliciously accommodated.

Thanks to owner Shannon Buist for her vision and high standards, and best wishes that she makes a full recovery.

For the love of doughnuts,

Kayley Cassity
Park City

* * *

Try a few animal friendly alternatives for your next BBQ


Did you know that over 150 million hot dogs were expected to be consumed at barbecues across the country over the Fourth of July? Yikes folks, that’s a massive quantity! But luckily there are amazing plant-based substitutions that have a significantly smaller impact on the environment, are not nearly as detrimental to our health and a lot of animals could be spared the extreme suffering. The 3 – 5 minutes is takes to eat that hot dog just cannot be worth all the negative externalities that come along with that All American past time.

To help reduce that number in the future, here are some of my favorite items that will ensure your summer BBQs are delicious, healthy and cruelty-free:

Field Roast Frankfurters and Hand-Formed Burgers – All of their products are amazingly tasty and wonderfully healthy!

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon – No cholesterol in sight with this delectable addition!

Follow Your Heart – this company makes the best non-dairy cheeses and trust me, I
have tried them all.

Organic Veggies – make sure to include veggie-based kebabs on your grill as well.

Use your imagination and creativity here; there are so many veggies that taste wonderful
straight off the grill.

These are just a few of my favorite things, but there are so many more options. There is no reason not to try a plant-based BBQ this year and celebrate true freedom and independence this 4th by leaving the animals off your plate. There is just no need. Trust me, you won’t miss the meat!

Erin Brown, Community Outreach Advocate
Sage Mountain: An Advocate for Farm Animals

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