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Letters to the Editor, July1-4, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Sound wall proposal fails to account for wildlife


​Do we really want a large, oppressive wall built here in the Park City I-80 entry corridor? I think not, and I bet if our wildlife population had a say in the decision, they’d vote against it as well.

Currently the Utah Department of Transportation is considering public input and evaluating the need for a noise-abatement wall. The numerous reasons against building this structure adjacent to Jeremy Ranch along I80 have been addressed in a few informative letters to the editor recently​.​

What also needs to be addressed is the impact of such a structure on our migratory wildlife population. The local non-profit volunteer group Save People Save Wildlife, in conjunction with UDOT, worked for a year to get a wildlife fence built along this auto/animal high-kill stretch of I-80. This campaign included numerous meetings with UDOT​ ​and Summit County, ​roadside demonstrations, letter writings, interviews, etc., ​and ​​raised local public awareness of the need for fencing​.​ ​In addition, this effort included the ​primarily local ​fundraising of $42,000 (in addition to the $50,000 allotment from UDOT)​ for its construction​. The fencing was completed last October with successful results: ​this ​year to date we’ve had two moose and nine deer killed by vehicles along this mile length, which is dramatically less than previous years. The fencing has been effective in reducing animal fatalities ​​and driver injuries along this large-mammal migratory route.

Now we have this proposal for an immense concrete wall along the same stretch, where so much work and funds went into the building of the wildlife fencing. The fencing has one animal escape ramp close to its center point, and this is barely enough for the large animals to exit the hazardous area if trapped along the highway. If th​e​ concrete wall is built, there will be no animal escape points, where there should realistically be ​at least ​three.The large animals on the south and west side of I80 need an open path to access the water in East Canyon, or the ponds up on Parley’s and the Jeremy area​, and vice versa​. This is the reason UDOT will be building a large animal overpass just west of the​ fencing​ in 2018.

Please help to stop the construction of this wall. Contact the Summit County Council, County Manager, and UDOT. Let them know what a bad idea this is. We don’t want more walls built, do we? I’m sure the moose don’t.

Bruce Bicksler
Hidden Cove

* * *

Mayoral candidate should speak out on minimum wage

To: Mayoral candidate Andy Beerman:

I would like to know exactly, precisely, where you stand, right now — not a day before the election — where you stand on increasing the minimum wage in Park City for all hourly occupations to $15.00/hour, regardless of tip policy.

If you do not believe in this, how do you propose to address social justice? Through city-subsidized housing where the subsidies will amount hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit for a very select few selected by lottery? Really?

I think you can become Mayor but over my dead body if you don’t get real on real issues of social equity in this town. Develop a positive platform that covers everyone, and rely on the people who have been left out, and the people here who still have enough heart to support the left out, to vote for you. Or suck up to the people who are in, in which case your statements about ‘restoring balance” are complete fraud.

Michael Witte
Park City

* * *

Visitor lauds Parkites for environmentalism


I want to thank the residents and leaders of Park City for their willingness to make sacrifices to combat global warming (aka climate change). Many cities talk about stopping global warming, few make the sacrifices you are willing to make. Prohibiting gas and diesel cars will only hurt for a little while. It’s good you will make sure electrical vehicle recharging stations do not use fossil power. Shutting down the ski lifts will hurt your economy a little, but things will be better when you install solar panels on your mountains. I look forward to my next visit when I hope to see your hills ablaze with the brightness of solar panels.

Richard Amann
Henderson, Nevada

* * *

Towing Company puts old wreck to good use


The Park City Fire District would like to publicly thank Park City Towing.

Throughout the year, PCFD requires the use of vehicles for training purposes. This training includes cutting up vehicles to practice various techniques of extricating
entrapped victims. Park City Towing is always accommodating in providing, delivering and picking up these vehicles. This is a huge benefit and help to the firefighters and the public we serve.

Recently, we had a recruit class with six new firefighters; during the class, they delivered vehicles for training and again for testing. Park City Towing was incredibly accommodating and stepped up to help both times without question.
Once again, big thanks to Park City Towing!

Battalion Chief Pete Emery, Training Division
Park City Fire District

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