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Letters to the Editor, June 1-3, 2016


Community comes together again for Running with Ed


Over 1,350 runners braved the chilly, wet weather last Saturday to take part in the 7th annual Running with Ed (RWE) 38-mile relay race. This event is a true celebration of our schools, with almost 160 PCSD teachers and staff on teams. Thanks to wonderful community partnerships, sponsors, volunteers, runners and fundraisers, RWE 2016 was a great success!

In all, the race will raise approximately $260,000 for the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF). These funds will be distributed into our local Park City School District through PCEF’s granting process. Working together with donors, PCEF’s grants go beyond what public education funding provides to meet the needs of our students, teachers and community.

As RWE Fundraising Chair, I want to give a special thanks to every RWE Team who participated in fundraising. In addition to running the race, these teams took time and effort to reach out to friends and family members asking for donations to PCEF. Teams created and personalized their team pages on Crowdrise.com, sent out multiple emails, posted fundraising information to Facebook pages, completed matching-grant paperwork and thanked their donors. Their time and effort paid off and teams raised over $118,000 for PCEF.

This year, more than 65 teams fundraised and 18 of those teams earned a free 2017 RWE Team by raising at least $2,000. The Running with Ed page will stay open on Crowdrise.com through the end of the month, so it’s not too late to make a donation to your favorite RWE team.

Thank you to this incredible community and their overwhelming support for our "Celebration of Education!"

Elissa Aten

RWE Fundraising Chair

PCEF Board Member

* * *

Styrofoam has to go


My name is Stella Strader, and I am an 8th grader at Treasure Mountain Junior High. For the past two years I have been working on getting Styrofoam out of the Park City school lunch program.

Styrofoam is a non-biodegradable substance that is being used as trays, cups, and bowls across the Park City School District. Each year, over 325,000 Styrofoam trays are thrown away from school lunch. Not only is it not good for the environment, it is not good for the kids. It can cause illnesses, irritations, and more. We need to get this product out.

More sustainable solutions cost money, and while the District is committed to working on this problem over time, we need to take action now. I am working to raise awareness, raise support, and raise money to stop the use of Styrofoam starting next school year. I have set up a GoFundMe account and already have received over $5,000 in donations, but have approximately $2,000 more to raise to meet the project goal.

I presented to the School Board on May 17, and they are just as interested in getting this horrible product out of the District’s lunch program as I am. They are considering a policy to make sure our work is protected so we can keep Styrofoam out forever.

Now what we need more than anything is the support of all of you. We want this product out of the District for good.

For more information about the campaign and a link to the GoFundMe page visit StyFreePC.com.

Stella Strader

Treasure Mountain Junior High

* * *

Peter Yogman for School Board


I am supporting Peter Yogman for the District #2 School Board seat in the June 28 Primary Election. Peter will improve the school board’s decision-making process with enhanced Clarity, increased Collaboration and greater sensitivity to the Community. District #2 includes North Park Meadows, Silver Summit, Trailside, Highland Estates, Old Ranch Road, most of Ranch Place, Willow Creek and the eastern portion of Silver Springs.

Please visit his website, PeterParkCity.net, and read about his qualifications and positions on the issues.

Clay Stuard

Park Meadows Resident

* * *

Diabetes requires careful attention


Regarding your recent stories about the Park City School District and students with Diabetes, I have had Type 1 Diabetes since age 5 (I am now 71). I also have a child with the disease who successfully attended schools where we lived before moving to Summit County and is now a happy mother of two healthy children.

Diabetes requires constant attention. It’s like walking a tight rope, taking careful steps to eat the right foods in the right amounts at the right times, and taking the right doses of insulin at the right time, while maintaining an active life. It’s not easy.

For a diabetic student, disease management is primarily the parent’s responsibility, not the school’s. Teachers can’t monitor one child’s food intake, activity and insulin doses and still look after 25 or more other children. Even with modern glucose monitoring equipment, school nurses can’t tell how much food a child has eaten for breakfast, and therefore can’t accurately predict how quickly a student’s blood glucose level is falling or rising.

In my opinion, and from my own experience, every parent with a diabetic child should keep the child under a physician’s regular care and train the child to properly monitor his or her exercise, blood glucose and food intake. A parent must be patient and never blame schools, teachers or school nurses when things go wrong, and never develop an adversarial relationship with the schools. Children with diabetes will get through school — and life — if they understand that, being different from other children, they must accept the difference and care for themselves as best they can.

Helen Sutton


* * *

Herbert is wrong on transgender issue


In my classroom, we call it BHD (Basic Human Decency). It costs nothing, but means everything.

I am reaching out to my representatives, including Governor Herbert, to STOP the suit preventing BHD for all Utahans.

Governor Herbert, it’s true we disagree. As the token Democrat at your fundraiser in Tuhaye years ago, I asked you about "equalization in education." You replied that you believed all students should have the same education; then, sent your spokesperson back in the room to retract your statement. I understand you were new and uninformed.

You, sir, are uninformed about this.

I am a teacher. One month ago, the mother of a former student reached out to me because I cross-posted about Target’s bathrooms on Facebook. She told me her daughter, that I knew as her son, was transgender and my post made the family feel valued.

You, sir, with this suit, degrade families and individuals.

I am proud to teach in the Park City School District where an outstanding administrator, Bob O’Connor, said "yes" to a transgender bathroom to ensure privacy and safety for everyone. I am proud to live in a city where strong voices, like Teri Orr, stand up and write for what is right.

You, sir, need to check yourself. You claim to espouse the values of the LDS Church. As I recall, Jesus had one commandment. He said, "Love one another."

Please focus on education and the economy during your last few months in office.


Julie Hooker

Park City

* * *

Treble Makers sing praises


Park City Treble Makers would like to thank all those who made our Spring concert a tremendous success.

We are grateful to our friends at KPCW for on-air interviews and to Scott Iwasaki and Jake Shane of The Park Record for articles expressing our mission and promoting our performances and concerts. Grants from Park City Sunrise Rotary and Park City Rotary Clubs helped purchase music. A gift from Tom and Layla Ward created a professional recording of our recent concert.

Park City Treble Makers are especially thankful to our responsive audience. The "Splendidy Spring" a cappella concert was presented May 22nd in the sunlit sanctuary of the Park City Community Church.

Thanks to the church, Pastor Tracy Hausman and an anonymous donor underwriting the costs of the concert, we were able to give 100% of the charitable donations to Peace House. Your generous donations totaled $1,212 supporting the vital mission of Peace House. We were honored by your attendance and we thank you for allowing us to share our love of music.

Shelle Jennings

Director- Park City Treble Makers