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Letters to the Editor, June 13-15, 2015


If leash laws are not enforced, repeal them


Let’s review shall we: Park City’s leash laws are not complied with, rarely enforced, always divisive, and therefore…useless. I say repeal the leash laws! Instead, the town could address the safety issue by aggressively suing the pants off anyone whose pet causes harm. After a few of these cases, the town could generate some nice revenue selling supplemental pet liability insurance along with the normal registration. Would this be a perfect system? No. I’d wager eliminating the leash laws would have zero impact on the total number of incidents. The only measurable impact would be less ink spent on leash stories, some different skits for the Follies, and maybe some new revenue. You know what they say about doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?

Ron Reich

Park City

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Let’s consider changing leash laws


Thank you for publishing my recent guest editorial calling for a common-sense approach to preserving our dog-friendly community and thank you to all of those who’ve expressed solidarity. I do think we are a silent majority.

A letter in the June 10th issue ("Let’s vote ") seemed to miss my position so I’d like to restate: I obey the dog laws from licensing to control, to wit: If off-lead in public the dog must be fitted with an electronic collar and the owner must carry a leash no more than six feet long. Also, certain organizations can designate off-leash areas. If that’s wrong I’d appreciate the correction. The codes are easy to find at: http://www.summitcountyanimalcontrol.com.

Although selective enforcement (through discretion, resource allocation, etc.) is actually well established, I agree with the writer’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion: Let’s explore changing the code to match the community’s views. Currently, we can establish leash-free areas, and if we like we can change the code to allow other options.

In the meanwhile, if everyone behaves in a responsible, civil, and neighborly manner we can enjoy ourselves while we wait and see if the law catches up with society.

Democracy: not perfect but better than everything else so far.

Shannon O’Neal

Park City