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Letters to the Editor, June 14-17, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Dining out, you get what you pay for


The season for two-for-ones is here, with patrons demanding restaurants cut their prices, and Chefs looking for cheap substitutes to not go broke by fall. When we forget to respect and appreciate our Chefs, they eventually lose respect for us.

I’ve been struck by how generous a Chef can be, not only with their time but with their passion. A true Chef is driven to create experiences, share flavors they’ve learned how to create, and make beautiful things. Something happens when that kind of Chef arrives in Park City. He doesn’t cut corners, but I’ve seen the others do. Next time you’re dining at a two-for-one, take a closer look at your food.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve lost too many good restaurants in town.

Park City is on the cusp of becoming a culinary destination, but we will never earn our stripes cutting corners on our food. Two-for-ones are bad for our community. We as residents need to support our restaurants, and give business to the Chefs regardless of discounts. Said another way, start voting with your dollars.

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There are high-quality affordable options without the two-for-one. Each of these restaurants is consistently packed, without slashing prices in half.

Let’s support the Chefs of Park City by no longer seeking out two-for-ones. Let’s help them put Park City on the map as a culinary destination, a win-win for all of us.

Laurie Moldawer, Director

Park City Culinary Institute

* * *

Pipeline meeting was ‘a sham’

Clearly last week’s Park Record editorial had an effect. A lot of people turned out on Tuesday night at the Kamas Middle School. I was under the impression that this was a forum for the public to comment. Nope it was an open house touting pipelines. One poster entitled "Proposed Routes" was odd in that only one route was proposed that closely parallels the Weber River through riparian habitat from Kamas to Coalville. When the pipeline leaks and they all do at some point well just Google "Tesoro pipeline leak" and you’ll see what is in our future.

While the meeting was a complete sham in terms of public input, we were allowed to ask questions at the various posters. My questions received non sequitur answers. One example: Question "why put the pipeline next to a river and through pristine riparian habitat?" Answer "because it’s the longest route we considered." This pipeline is being pitched as a done deal even though the claim is that it’s in the study phase. I’ve been asked to allow the survey crew on my land and my reply is they better show up with a court order and a sheriff’s deputy or they will be trespassing. It sure looks like they are in the planning to implement phase to me.

Does the right of way exist? Nobody had an answer. Strange that eminent domain has shifted over time from a government need, to a public utility issue, and now seemingly can be used for environmentally destructive projects that help for profit private enterprises. Disappointing that none of our elected state or county officials were present. If you are opposed send an email to utahal@gmail.com and we’ll see if the public opinion matters. I hope we’re not too late.

Al Davis


* * *

KPCW wants feedback

KPCW tries always to reflect this great community we share. Every so often we ask listeners about their radio habits, what they like, what they don’t, and how we can respond better to community needs. With a rapidly changing media landscape your input is especially needed now.

We broadcast in an unrated market, so listener data is hard to come by without great expense. KPCW is now conducting listener survey accessible on the home page of KPCW.org. Your feedback can only make us better. Please take the survey and help us serve you even better. It closes June 29th.

And don’t forget the Cole Sport/KPCW Back Alley Bash — a Park City institution by now. Its June 27th starting at five at Town Lift Plaza.


Larry Warren


* * *

Eihausen for school board

I am writing this letter to strongly endorse Julie Eihausen for school board. I have known Julie for 5 years and met her when we were both on the High School PTO board. At the time, She was treasurer and I was President. I remember when I first met her I was impressed at how knowledgeable she was about the budget and the school district in general. I soon learned that she had volunteered to be treasurer at Jeremy Ranch, Ecker Hill Middle School, Treasure Mountain Middle School and Park City High School. She is truly a remarkable asset to our community.

Please consider voting for Julie Eihausen for school board on June 24th.

Shauna Engen

PCHS PTO President, 2010-12

PCHS PTO Secretary, 2012-14