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Letters to the Editor, June 17, 2015


What you don’t see CAN hurt you


We are a group of 5th and 7th graders from Jeremy Ranch Girl Scout Troop 2471 who are doing an awareness campaign to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award. We want our community to understand the truth about what is being put in our water. We recently learned that some people put pills, paint, grease, and oil in our water supplies and most of that ends up going to our water plant and our environment. We want to inform everyone about this problem so that we can find a way to enlighten more people about it. The main reason why we want you to be aware about this situation is because if we don’t act now, the water will kill animals, plants, and even make us all sick — simply because of the horrible things we put down our drains.

Even though many people in the world often pick up trash, and recycle things that are reusable, we are all still harming the environment by doing the same thing we’ve done for quite a long time: throwing harmful things down our drains. We think that people are doing this for no reason at all and they honestly might not know they are harming the environment. Again, that’s why we are writing this letter. We want to inform the public about this serious situation we are facing. We have also been doing our best to help out with this waste crisis by putting up fliers everywhere we can reach (such as gas stations and grocery stores), broadcasting radio reports, and now reaching out to our local newspaper. We think our community is capable of finally putting an end to this tragedy by informing people how they are polluting the water.

The reason why we care about these harmed creatures such as animals, humans, plants, and people, that are consuming the water is because, we need them to survive. When people put these harmful things into our water sometimes it is so bad that even treatment plants cannot remove it … so technically we are forced to waste, or drink contaminated water.

In conclusion, our Girl Scout troop was hoping that you could paste this letter into the newspaper so people around the globe will hear and help to fight and stop this army of pollution destroying our homes and environments.

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Girl Scout Troop 2471, Silver Group, Park City

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Advanced degrees are a scam


Studies have shown that advanced degrees do nothing for students.

The only benefit is for teachers’ paychecks.

Ray Johnson

ex accountant Carden Academy

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Thank you, Moe Hickey


The Park City Board of Education would like to congratulate Board Member Moe Hickey on his retirement from the school district on June 30th. Moe has faithfully served Park City School District students for over 6 years, 4 as Board President. He has provided the board with financial savvy, outside the box thinking and has been an unabashed champion of public education.

On the state wide level Moe has been a constant advocate for keeping Park City’s public education tax dollars in our own schools. During the legislative season, he has been an ever-present figure at the Capital serving on the Joint Legislative Committee on Public Education; a consortium of public education advocates composed of public school Superintendents, Business Administrators and School Board members. Moe also served on the Utah High School Activities and Sports Association for 3 years.

Due to the District’s investment in each student that is nearly 3 times the annual funding provided by the State, Moe has helped grow the Park City Education Foundation into a critical funding source for the District. The foundation’s fundraising is at an all time high, due to events such as the Red Apple Gala and Running with Ed, as well as focused development with community giving. As he exits there is vibrant non-profit providing reliable revenue for the District.

During his tenure the District developed it’s Strategic Plan and is in the process of revising it’s Master (facilities) Plan. He was instrumental in bringing the PCCAPS program to the district. This project-based learning concept is a recognized innovative STEM program. Additionally, Moe was on the team to bring the one-to-one technology initiative (laptops for every student grade 6-12) to the district; as well as steering the District through many board and administrative changes.

Moe will continue to support Park City Schools as an involved parent and through continuing participation on the Park City Education Foundation and PCCAPS Advisory Board. We will miss his sense of humor and his insight as we head into unchartered waters, but know we can count on him when needed. We wish Moe the best as he closes this chapter of his career and moves on to the Park City Institute and whatever else he dreams up in the meantime.

Thank you for your service Moe!

Tania Knauer, JJ Ehlers, Nancy Garrison, Julie Eihausen

Park City