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Letters to the Editor, June 18-20, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Orwell Lives — in Park City


I’ve been struck lately by the strange, Orwellian tone of some of the letters on this page. The thought police seem to be on duty here.

First, a writer objected to an advertisement for a local shooting range that showed a profile target. She apparently felt that the ad somehow led RECORD readers to a depraved indifference to human life. This is just silly. Those profile targets are commonly used for police and self-defense training because they help shooters gain confidence for situations in which they might face an assailant. From TV and movies, we all know that such targets are used. The ads are no big deal in motivating killers, mental health is the issue.

Full disclosure — I was once a competitive pistol shooter, firing at targets much smaller than the profiles a three times the distance. I may be psychologically twisted, but that wasn’t what did it.

Speaking of mental health, I also noted the letter from some lady who claimed that the two-fers offered by ads and coupons in this newspaper somehow denigrate Park City’s status as a "culinary destination." What a load of paranoid nonsense!

I was 50% owner of a very successful Main Street restaurant, and I have been an investor in and advisor for several others. Off-season two-fers are a smart and effective promotional tool. If locals who would not otherwise drop in, come and enjoy a good meal, they will generate good will and word-of-mouth publicity worth far more than the marginal cost of a free entree. Those guests buy beverages, appetizers, and desserts, so the restaurant usually more than breaks even, and everybody wins. I have used many two-fer coupons and only on two occasions suspected that the entrees were down-sized for that promotion. Most chefs (not "Chefs") can’t be bothered to turn out anything less than their best for any customer and no sane owner would run a promotion that featured second-rate food or service.

So my conclusion is that Ms. Moldawer, whatever her qualifications may be to direct a "culinary institute" must just be acting out a grudge against some eatery that offers a two-fer. If I knew which it was, I’d take a friend to dinner there.

Bruce Margolius


* * *

What ever happened to being neighborly


Remember that a few years back, Talisker refused PCMR’s lease renewal because it was late. That we all get. But what I don’t get is Talisker’s behavior, or lack of, as a neighbor. Everyone once in their life has been late with their rent, a credit card payment, their mortgage, etc. And even if you have a perfect payment/credit record, all credit card companies, landlords & mortgage companies have a GRACE period. There was no grace with Talisker, Just evil and greed. They just waited under a rock for some error to take place, which unfortunately for PCMR it did. Talisker is a snake.

Kim Page, 25-year resident

Park City

* * *

Eihausen has proven record of commitment


I am writing in support for Julie Eihausen, a Candidate in District 5 for School Board. For those who are not aware, Julie has substantial experience in working with the PCSD, has held multiple positions on several different committees and has literally, for years, spent countless hours in donating her time.

I have known Julie over 15 years, ever since our little ones were running around in diapers. Her priorities have always been her family, raising her daughters and being extensively involved in their education and her community. Julie has a heartfelt passion for volunteering and truly making a difference. I believe Julie’s extensive knowledge, understanding and determination would support her in reaching her goals if she were to be elected.

Julie’s history of employment in accounting, bookkeeping and creating successful budgets for many different companies give her the ability of succeeding in one of her top priorities, bringing balance to the PCSD budget.

The experience Julie has gained from holding multiple Treasurer positions as well as her involvement in several committees have given her the skills and expertise that would support her efforts in reducing class sizes. With Julie’s persistence, genuine concern and desire to create the best opportunities for our students I have no doubt she would be a powerful force in moving forward.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Julie, she is one of the most dedicated, hard working and passionate parent volunteers I know. I urge you to vote for Julie, she is in this because of her sincere desire to make a positive difference and is determined to get things done!

Dawn Johnstun

Park City

* * *

Park City honors its past with a flourish


The Park City Historical Society & Museum’s annual Historic Home Tour last Saturday was a huge success! Despite chilly morning temperatures, several hundred enthusiastic people enjoyed a peek into the past in 10 historic homes on Ontario, Marsac and Sandridge as well as the historic Marsac School where former teachers and students were on hand with amusing stories. Thank you all for your support.

A really big thank you to our sponsors. Shane Herbert of Summit Sotheby’s International Realty was our presenting sponsor. In addition to his generous sponsorship he also comped one-year family memberships to the Museum to non-members for their $20 ticket price. Thank you so much, Shane! Jones Waldo Attorneys at Law were our gold sponsor. Thank you so much, Greg Cropper! Also our home sponsors who are too numerous to list but who consistently support our organization with their generous donations.

Thank you also to High West Distillery for hosting a lovely thank-you reception for homeowners and volunteers. It was delightful and so appreciated.

There aren’t enough words to thank our homeowners for graciously opening their homes for the tour and our wonderful volunteers whose gift of time and expertise are invaluable. You all are the best.

We’ll see you at next year’s tour.

Sandra Morrison, Executive Director

Park City Historical Society & Museum

* * *

The hats have it at People’s Health Clinic fundraiser


It’s hard to top the sight of over 130 ladies, decked out in their colorful summer finery, each trying to outdo each other with their fashionable hats. Add in the scenery off the deck of Stein Eriksen Lodge, an elegant luncheon, shopping plus a worthy cause, and you have the People’s Health Clinic’s 4th Annual Silver Queen Derby Luncheon.

Many thanks to Nancy Liepmann, Director of Event Services at Stein’s, the generous ladies of Right at Home, The Flying Pearl, Farasha Boutique and all those who stepped up to help raise money for the Women’s Wellness Program at the Clinic. It was a fabulous afternoon of women helping women.

We hope to see new and old friends again next year.

Jenny Dorsey, Fundraising Director

The People’s Health Clinic

* * *

Let’s get out to play again SOON


As the school year has come to an end, I look back on Youth Sports Alliance’s 5th season of Get Out & Play. what a huge success it was. For 18 weeks this Fall, Winter and Spring, over 850 Park City elementary-age students were able to ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, Nordic jump, free ride ski or snowboard, freestyle ski or ice skate. Transportation, lessons, and even a snack were included in this program. These students would not have had this opportunity, had it not been for an amazing community partnership. So many organizations, businesses, and individuals come together each year to help with the program.

On an individual note, thank you to Olympian, Derek Parra for again inspiring future young speed skaters, Olympian, Shannon Bahrke Happe for your never-ending support of GO&P and coffee sales donation to scholarships, Carmela Foote and Eliana Lambert for their outstanding support with translations and communications to the Latino families in the program, the school staff for their patience during the Friday afternoon chaos, the school principals for allowing the chaos! Also to the school ELL/ESL departments & counselors for their support. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped to run the program during the 18 weeks. There were almost 500 volunteer positions during the program, and around 200 parents stepped up to fill those positions! And also, thank you to the Youth Sports Alliance Board for believing in the program.

Clearly, this program would not be success that it is, without all of you. You are all a part of a unique, enriching youth program. I am proud to be a part of the Get Out & Play program, and so thankful for all of your support.

Can’t wait for another great year!

Kerry Morgan, Program Coordinator

Get Out & Play, Youth Sports Alliance

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