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Letters to the Editor, June 20-23, 2015


Owners of historic homes on walking tour deserve special thanks


The Park City Historical Society & Museum’s 18th annual Historic Home Tour last Saturday was once again a huge success! Of course, we couldn’t have done it without a lot of help and support from so many people. Some thank-yous are in order.

First of all, to our wonderful homeowners who generously opened their historic buildings for the tour. Everyone loved peeking inside your lovely old homes and buildings. You owners are the backbone of the Historic District and deserve a big thank you from the entire community. Also, to our numerous and tireless volunteers. It takes a lot of manpower to plan, host, and provide docents for this event. You all are the glue that holds our organization together and we couldn’t do it without you.

And thank you so much to our Presenting Sponsors: Jones Waldo Attorneys, local realtor Shane Herbert, and the Park City Chamber/Bureau. These fine businesses have generously supported our organization year after year. And kudos too to our 25 home sponsors. How generous you all are! And of course, to Treasure Mountain Inn who let us help them celebrate their big 50th anniversary. What fun that event was!

And a big special thanks to Zoom who once again sponsored our post-tour reception for our homeowners, sponsors and volunteers. As always a first-class, delicious affair in their lovingly restored historic depot restaurant.

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Lastly, thank you to all of you who attended the Historic Home Tour. Thank you for loving our historic buildings as much as we do.

Sandra Morrison

Park City Historical Society & Museum

* * *

Is Park City on the rise or on brink of ‘Downhill Slide’


Everyone should read "Downhill Slide" by Hal Clifford published by the Sierra Club. He will show you just how ruthless Vail, Intrawest and the now-defunct American Skiing Company (ASC) really are and were. The only area and town that took a stand was Mad River Glenn which ended in ASC giving up. Philanthropy is simply part of their corporate budget like buying equipment. It helps them buy the town. It is a way for communities to cave to their demands. They are interested in the sale of land. They don’t give a good God Damn about the community or selling one more lift ticket. When the land is sold, and skiing numbers completely decline, they will be gone.It has nothing to do with kindness.

Myles Rademan from Park City even has comments. Look closely at happened to the town of Minten near Vail which lost control of their water supply because the town went bankrupt fighting Vail. Every time you compromise and give in, it is easier to give in a little more the next time. Vail has to be stopped from expansion. Period, end of story.

I have a pass to the Canyons for years before ASC simply because there is no other backcountry access from Park City open to the public. Park City appears to get more googoo gaga every time Vail gives more money to a charity. Vail is currently trying to block the incorporation of 600 acres along the Park City ridgeline including the Monitors, Desolation Lake and Murdock Peak into the protection zone to work toward expansion.

There is plenty of activity in that area during the winter without the need for lifts. I urge everyone to contact your county commissioner and voice your opinion. See articles by Save Our Canyons.

Willis Richardson


* * *

Come visit Park City’s new 21st Century library


Saturday was the Grand Opening of the Park City Library and what a grand day it was. Special thanks go out to our Mayor and Council, Park City Municipal Corporation, the Library Board, and the Friends of the Library.

We had amazing organizers, speakers, and vendors who made the day memorable and fun. Booster Juice helped launch the Book Brigade by providing delicious smoothies and muffins. The excellent work of more than 50 volunteers and the library staff helped create a dynamic, community-centered event with activities throughout the afternoon. More than 500 members of the community participated in the Book Brigade and more than 1,000 citizens visited the library throughout the day.

This library belongs to the entire community and will serve for generations to come. Any child that attends school in the Park City School District has access to a free library card.

We invite you to come and spend time in the newly renovated building — have a cup of coffee at the new coffee shop, edit a movie in the YouCreate Lab, record music in the sound booth, check out a book, read in a quiet corner, play with a child in the Mining Mountain, browse periodicals in the Reading Room, see a movie in the Jim Santy Auditorium with the Park City Film series, reserve a meeting room for your next gathering, attend a children’s storytime, and enjoy your new space. Everyone in Park City made this outstanding 21st Century library a reality. Thank you!

Adriane Herrick Juarez, Director

Park City Library

* * *

Construction at new Park City Library is sub par


To the residents of Park City, I’d like to weigh in on the new library remodel. I’ve been involved in commercial and residential architectural fabrication, finish and installation for 35 years. I used to work in and around New York metropolitan area as a field installer and supervisor. I created punch lists for my employer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the new library.

When you walk in the front door the ceiling is not stick straight, the boards don’t line up perfectly as they should. That’s why they invented string. Sheet stock are rated by the face veneers. A being the best, B grade is not as nice. The Baltic birch (wood panels) have a B face. A B face product has what’s called boat or football patches, the patches look like little footballs on its face veneer. This material, as a finished product would be unacceptable on any job I’ve ever been on. They do make a product that uses a NUFA (non urea formaldehyde adhesive) green. It comes prefinished. The finish is water based. They should have used it here. These materials are LEED certified and less expensive than what was used. The face veneers are nicer. A faces have no defects.

Eyeball the tops of the bookcases on the second level. The install is at best marginal. There’s a host of other issues, too much to mention now.

I don’t know who’s running the show here but I frankly feel we didn’t get what we paid for. To be perfectly honest, it’s not that hard to get it right if you know what you’re doing. There’s a definite lack of competency here.

What does that say about our growing community? Who’s in charge?

Thank you for hearing me out.

Marc Friedman

Park City

* * *

Take Down That Flag


It is hard to imagine a more horrible reminder of the price we pay in this country for bigotry than the cold-blooded murder of nine black Americans quietly studying the Bible in church.

One hundred-fifty years-ago we fought our Civil War to put an end to an economic system founded on the dehumanizing cruelty of slavery. The blood shed then by nearly 700,000 Americans, and by thousands more who bled and died during the Civil Rights Movement 100 years later, may never fully cleanse hate and prejudice from the darkest recesses of all hearts. However, proudly flying the Confederate flag on public buildings still proclaims an inadvertent blessing on bigotry in many southern states, including South Carolina. The institution of slavery indelibly stains that flag. It is a message that we cannot afford to send.

The time has finally come to loudly send the opposite symbolic message. Hate and bigotry are not acceptable in this country period! Publically renounce racial prejudice by removing that flag as a state symbol wherever it now flies. Let the Confederate flag take its sad place in history’s hall of shame.

Steve Lewis

Park City