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Letters to the Editor, July 29-Aug. 1, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers


A reminder to vote and an endorsement


I’d like to encourage every eligible person to vote in our Mayoral primary. Ballots will be mailed out on or before 7/25 and must be postmarked no later than 8/14 or placed in a drop box by 8/15. We have a real race with one of the three candidates being excluded at the primary.

Andy Beerman is my choice for Mayor and I ask you to join me in voting for him.

Andy is committed to Park City, has owned an Old Town business and has demonstrated his willingness to work for our community in public service. He’s been on City Council for six years, ran for Mayor four years ago and is now back for another try. This is commitment!

Most importantly Andy works for consensus and has experience and skills enabling him to get past studies and discussion and on to decisions and action. Surely, recent events such as Bonanza Flats purchase, Bonanza Park Arts district, electric buses, and the commitment for 200 affordable housing units by 2020 demonstrates his and Council’s penchant for progress!

Andy is a future thinker but with respect for our past. He pays attention to regional issues because he knows that many are likely to impact Park City. This is important.

What about the other two candidates? One has already had three terms as Mayor and is running for a fourth. As a strong believer in term limits, this is not healthy for our community. Many things change over time and our leaders should too.

The other candidate is respected and capable but lacks something Andy has-first hand experience in Park City government. I believe Planning Commission or City Council are much better entry points providing learning opportunities prior to running for our City’s highest office.

Please vote and please help Andy Beerman become our next Mayor.

Peter Wright
Park City

* * *

Recycle Utah is helping to keep Park City tidy


I wish to thank Recycle Utah for organizing “clean up Park City” this past Saturday, July 22 and the 15 volunteers who participated including representatives from the Chamber of Commerce. Bravo to all!

Over a three-hour stretch we collectively filled 16 extra-large garbage bags with trash – such a good feeling to give some love back to our town.

I must admit my surprise that there were no attendees from the Park City Council, the town’s Sustainability Department and/or any of the Mayoral Candidates. Perhaps “next time”?

Thank you again to Recycle Utah and the volunteers for making the event a success!!

David Nicholas
Park City

* * *

Rider thanks Summit County for electric bike program


As a cyclist, I am very proud of Park City for creating the nation’s first all-electric bike-share program. Given the topographic realities of Park City, electric bikes make cycling in Park City available to those who might otherwise be hesitant. And for those of you who live here and have never had the pleasure of seeing our town from the saddle of a bike, this is a great, low-obligation way to experience it.

I use a bicycle as my primary mode of transport, and a large number of my trips are from my place near Fresh Market to Main. Without having to worry about my bike, bringing a lock, or finding parking, I now have another quick and convenient way to make the half dozen weekly tips to Main Street.

I want to thank and congratulate Caroline Rodriguez and Alfred Knotts for spearheading this project. Thank you also to the elected officials of Park City and Summit County for making this a reality. I think this is another important piece towards getting people out of their cars as they move around Park City.

I’ve seen a lot of people around town trying them out already. Now who wants to ride one up to Guardsman Pass with me?

Josh Hobson
Park City

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