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Letters to the Editor, June 22-25, 2013

Celebrating 20 years of Housing Trust success


Mountainlands Community Housing Trust is celebrating its 20th anniversary and honoring its current president, Bob Wells, for his continuous 20 years of service on the board of directors for Mountainlands. On Monday, June 24, we are holding an open house reception at Deer Valley’s Snow Park Lodge from 5 to 7 p.m. and invite the community to come and help us celebrate and honor Bob.

Some of Mountainlands’ accomplishments over the past 20 years include:

  • 253 apartments for low income tenants, including apartments specifically for seniors
  • 145 new affordable homes built since 2002 and seven more starting this year
  • 111 homes in Summit County specifically reserved as affordable housing through their deeds, with pre-purchase counseling for potential homeowners

    Mountainlands also provides nine scattered-site transitional housing units and supportive services for homeless families and individuals.

    Mountainlands is one of 10 recipients nationally of a Cornerstone Homeownership Innovation Program grant (CHIP) to evaluate the long-term effects of subsidized homeownership programs.

    Please come and join us in our celebration of both the organization and Bob Wells!

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    Jim Hier

    Treasurer, Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

    A lot of support from a small community


    I wanted to send my eternal gratitude for the support that my Park City friends and family have given me since I was diagnosed with leukemia on April 30 of this year. As many of you know, this was a complete shock and I started to receive prayers, well wishes and many cards in support of my battle immediately. I am in full remission right now but will need a bone-marrow transplant in the near future.

    When Jim and I moved to Park City in 1998, part of the reason was that it was a small supportive community. It never occurred to me how supportive until this bump in the road happened.

    Thanks to all of Park City and surrounding citizens for your prayers and support. I am humbled by all of the love I have received.

    Billie Harsch

    Park City

    Give Bob Wells the recognition he deserves


    It has been my pleasure to work with Bob Wells on the board of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust for three terms. Bob started with Mountainlands at its creation and has been actively involved with Mountainlands since then. His list of accomplishments includes the development of Mountainlands’ first affordable apartments, Washington Mill, as well as the Peace House domestic abuse shelter. He has been a very significant contributor to the board and the success of Mountainlands.

    The great works of Mountainlands often fly under the radar, and likewise so do Bob’s, so I am so glad to be able to take this opportunity to recognize all the work he has done for the community. I encourage all those who can to attend the MCHT recognition party Monday, June 24, to show their appreciation for Bob’s many years of dedicated service.

    Fred Tripp

    Member, MCHT board of trustees