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Letters to the Editor, June 27-30, 2015


Public WRONG of Way


Recently we felt the pain expressed by Amy Roberts’ article dated 4/28/15, when we also applied for a permit to re-pave our driveway in Old Town. A seemingly simple, straight-forward project (no dirt removal, no remediation necessary, just a quick demo and concrete pour); but not according to Park City Municipal’s Engineering Dept.

They demanded $2,000 up-front, in cash only payment to obtain a supplemental, Engineering permit in addition to the $200 Building permit to begin work. To add insult to injury, this ransom money is then held hostage for another 12 months while they "wait to make sure the concrete cures correctly" as quoted directly by them. Bear in mind, industry standard time for concrete to fully cure is 28 days.

We can almost understand these demands for a large project such as a new home or other development, but were notified this policy applies to lesser sized jobs such as a mailbox or even landscaping that fall within the City’s ten-foot easement. Just how much money is the City pocketing from this scheme each year, not to mention all the accrued interest at our expense?

We inquired why a bond provided by the Contractor is not sufficient, as is in most all other construction projects; or a letter of credit. Neither method is acceptable to them, the City demands extortion money up front which they hold for much longer than necessary, or even seems legal. Maybe it’s time to Get Gephardt on the case.

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Last but certainly not least, once that 365th day has finally arrived, you must request another final inspection (the Building Dept signed off the day after the final concrete pour). The City then has yet another 30 days to conduct said inspection and issue a refund.

The most amazing part is the clause that if the refund is returned by mail "for any reason" the monies are immediately forfeited. Anyone who lives in Old Town and has a PO Box will know how unpredictable it can be to receive all mail.

This ill-conceived policy is wrong on so many levels.

Kiersta Nofsinger & Chris White

Park City

* * *

Confederate Flag backlash is misguided


The Confederate Flag does NOT represent hatred or racism! It reflects the right of the States to remain sovereign, as was intended with the creation of the USA.

That is not a bad thing! In fact, we need to acknowledge that more than ever right now, as the federal government has usurped many powers which are reserved purely to the States and the people.

James Green

Heber City

* * *

Fore! YSA Swings into summer with tourney


On behalf of the Youth Sports Alliance and the children that we serve, I would like to thank the community for its support of the 1st Annual YSA Golf Tournament! This fantastic day was a great success all due to the support of our very own YSA Board, local sponsors, volunteers, and donors.

Foremost, a huge thank you to our attendees who gave generously of their time and resources to support our cause and competed for prizes on Canyons New Golf Course. Thank you also to our sponsors: Epic Promise, UBS, Stein Eriksen Lodge, Tim Dahle Nissan, and the Lemmons Family Foundation, and many other local businesses who underwrote the cost of the event so that all the funds raised throughout the day went directly to support our mission. Thank you all for your generosity!

We at the Alliance are pleased to use the funds that were raised to help our kids stay active and involved in sports! See you at the 4th of July Independence Day Celebration Come see us at the Kids Activities in City Park after the Parade.

With Sincere Gratitude (& a high five),

Aimee Preston, Executive Director

Youth Sports Alliance