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Letters to the Editor, June 28-30, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Park City Mayoral election has three good candidates, choose wisely


There are three excellent mayoral candidates including a charismatic watch dog rock-and-roll activist past mayor, a good-natured professional advocate with second-term County Council experience, and a high energy second term City Council leader and bridge builder skilled in consensus and compromise. For my two cents, love the watch-dog, respect the advocate, and campaign for the consensus building leader, Andy.

The mayor has ceremonial powers welcoming dignitaries, performing weddings and speaking at events. But the crucial responsibility is running effective Council meetings, managing the messy public process with five elected officials building consensus on judicial appeals, legislative codes, city services and capital spending. To overcome obstacles and realize opportunities, the mayor must perform tactful groundwork and lead by example, refereeing from the sidelines, putting out fires, and nudging, asking or encouraging parties to be productive. The mayor must welcome and respect input from staff, residents, non-profits, and businesses, plus regularly seek out assistance from external partners (including regulators, state representatives and congressional leaders).

Do we elect candidates based on job qualifications including attitude, experience, skills and talents? No. We elect candidates based on popularity including name recognition, familiarity, association, and loyalty to our issues. Unfortunately, the most popular candidate does not necessarily serve us best. So, please spread the word and make the most qualified the most popular by August 14th.

If you are undecided, listen to each candidate’s communication habits. Do they respect others, understand legal constraints, and accept their responsibility to serve all parties? Or, do they blame others and seek agreement to validate their status. With additional voters from the convenience of mail-in ballots, it is crucial to spread the word. Be sure to vote for your candidate. It’s one of the few opportunities we all have to exercise equal power to influence our government.

Joe Kernan
Park City

* * *

Dear Orrin, Nancy: it’s time to call it a day


As one about to turn 81, I think I have earned the privilege of suggesting to U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch and U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that it’s time to head out to the green pastures of retirement.

Senator, I have never voted for you and never will, particularly after your latest charade as a member of Sen. McConnell’s “gang of 13” who have created a health bill that gives a huge tax break to the rich, a gigantic subsidy to health insurance companies while cutting benefits for women, children, the poor and the elderly and increasing the cost of insurance while decreasing benefits and raises out of pocket deductibles and destroying Medicaid.

This from a Senator who has been the benefactor of political contributions from his favorite charity — the supplemental drug and herbal industry.

And at 82 you want us to send you back so you can spend your dotage in Senate retirement? It’s time for Utahns to send someone in touch with reality to the Senate, someone who doesn’t need an aide whispering in his ear what to say.

Senator, thank you for your service. I do believe you to be a decent person who earlier in your career did some good things – the Children’s Health Insurance Program, for one.

And as for Rep. Pelosi, you have been a stalwart for progressive causes and the object of the same vindictiveness hurled by self righteous male colleagues as all strong women who stand up and speak out. But you help to contribute to a Democratic leadership whose average age is 77.

It is time for new blood and youthful leadership. You are part of the reason, despite all the good you have done, that Democrats have lost touch with their traditional supporters.

We older folk have had our turn. Orrin, Nancy, I invite you both to share with me the joys of retirement. They are many – time to travel, to spend quality time with your spouse and family and even watch TV cable news and swear at your former colleagues.

I admire both of you. You have given of yourselves in selfless ways. May I suggest that one of the benefits of growing older is that we learn we are not indispensable and there does come a time when we need the wisdom to know that it’s time to call it quits..

Mike Andrews
Park City

* * *

Museum’s Historic Home Tour was a big success


The Park City Historical Society & Museum’s 20th annual Historic Home Tour last Saturday was once again a huge success! Of course, we couldn’t have done it without a lot of help and support from so many people. Some thank-yous are in order.

First of all, to our wonderful homeowners who generously opened their historic homes for the tour. Everyone loved peeking inside your lovely old homes. You owners are the backbone of the Historic District and deserve a big thank you from the entire community. Also, to our numerous and tireless volunteers. It takes a lot of manpower to plan, host, and provide docents for this event. You all are the glue that holds our organization together and we couldn’t do it without you.

And thank you so much to our Presenting Sponsors: Jones Waldo Attorneys and the Park City Chamber/Bureau. These fine business have generously supported our organization year after year. And kudos too to our 25 home sponsors. How generous you all are! Special thanks to the Sweeney brothers for letting us set up our tour headquarters on the Town Lift Plaza.

And a big special thanks to Fletcher’s restaurant on Main St, who once again hosted our post-tour reception for our homeowners, sponsors and volunteers. As always a first-class, delicious affair in their charming restored historic restaurant.

And, lastly, thank you to all of you who attended the Historic Home Tour.
Thank you for loving our historic buildings as much as we do.

Sandra Morrison
Park City Historical Society & Museum

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