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Letters to the Editor, June 29-July 2, 2013

Flexibility needed on affordable-housing issue


I read, with interest, a lawsuit filed recently against Park City Municipal by a condominium owner at the Grand Lodge in Empire Pass. According to the pleadings, the documents implementing the affordable-housing component of that project were not property prepared, with the result that the owner is personally liable for thousands of dollars in costs each year.

Apparently the owner has offered multiple solutions (pay the city cash to buy another affordable unit, as the city has done before; buy another unit and transfer the affordable housing restriction to it; sell the unit in question to the city; or follow the existing restrictive language exactly as written and not as the city attorney’s office has chosen to interpret it), all of which maintain the affordable housing ratios mandated by the program, and would help protect the program. The city has rejected all of these solutions out of hand.

The Affordable Housing Program is a great benefit to the community but was never intended to force one person to unfairly bear the costs that are a result of the improperly prepared documents. It is the city’s right and duty to approve the documents necessary to effect the program and, if there is a mistake, then the city should bear the cost of correcting that mistake. The city has apparently shown little or no flexibility in this situation.

It makes little sense to me for the city to force the property owner to file and prosecute a lawsuit that the city will have to defend when the Affordable Housing Program’s goals can be met by adopting one of several solutions proposed by the property owner. In addition, if the property owner wins, the city will be responsible to pay attorney’s fees for both sides, and the Affordable Housing Program may be in jeopardy.

Is that really how we want to spend our tax dollars in this tight economy?

Dave Sabey

Park City

Existing immigration laws need to be enforced


I find it disconcerting to read comments from people who support allowing illegal immigrants to remain in America.

They claim our immigration system is "broken" and needs to be fixed. But it’s not broken. The only thing that is not working is enforcement of already existing laws. If these were correctly enforced and our border were properly guarded, we would not have a problem with tens of millions of illegal immigrants and their families here who have already broken our laws.

We don’t want undocumented people who have shown a disregard for our laws. We want the ones who will respect our system and our Constitution. And there are millions of those foreigners anxiously waiting to come here legally and properly. Those are the ones we should be encouraging.

Since half the world wants to live in America, we must have some restrictions on even legal immigration, but we are still the most generous nation in the world, allowing in more than a million legal immigrants each year.

Those people would help our economy the most and would assimilate into our culture, unlike the undocumented folks who now live in the shadows and fear deportation because they know they have blatantly violated our laws. Of course businesses love the illegals because they will work for less and do not complain.

Some claim this country was built by immigrants. That is true legal immigrants. The kind we need and want.

S744 would be bad for America because it will reward those who have broken the law, encouraging more lawlessness, and it must be stopped.

James C Green

Heber City

Where can I send some flags, Mr. Costa?


(This is an open letter to Craig Costa, who flies a rainbow flag on his property in Kamas. He told The Park Record (June 22-25) that has had 15 flags stolen since April 13.)

Dear Mr. Costa:

You may not know me but I am the lady who sued the State of Utah eight years ago for the right to have the word gay on my license plate. Never take on a mom! My plate now reads GAYSROK.

This is the second time I have read in The Park Record about your flag dilemma. I would like to contribute to your effort. Where do you buy your flags? Where can I send some to you? I also have a flag flying out over the balcony over my front door. I live on Meadows Drive up on the hill in Park City. Come by some time and see it.

Beano Solomon

Park City

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