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Letters to the Editor, June 5-7, 2013

Maybe mock DUI crash will prevent a real one


The Park City High School PTSO is grateful to the members of the Park City Police, Fire, and Air Med departments who volunteered their time for a simulated drunk-driving accident for Park City High School seniors. Each year the senior class watches a mock drunk-driving crash and rescue performed by student actors and community volunteers at the LDS Church.

Nikki Falten was the brave actor placed in a body bag and removed from the fake crash by Olpin Hoopes Funeral Home. Falten listened to her real-life dad, PJ Falten, give her eulogy at an assembly held at the Eccles Center afterwards. Jonson Henry had the difficult role as the drunk driver. Henry was questioned by police as the drunk driver responsible for one death and multiple injuries to fellow students. Henry performed a sobriety test and was handcuffed by Officer Jed Hurst.

Brave parent volunteer Jen Billow was removed from a wrecked vehicle by paramedics with the Jaws of Life and life-flighted away in a helicopter. Brett Armstrong coordinated additional student actors Josh Matt, Carly Stevens, Max Dosher and himself. Make-up artist Krischelle Hansen made the accident appear real.

Fireman Steve Zwirn orchestrated a fast-paced docudrama that held the attention of students. Thank you to Park City Towing for the use of the cars. Thank you to Dave Hallock and Brett Hughes for sound, and Doug Payne. Also, thank you to parent volunteers Kelly Thomas, Lynn Cier, Ann Balch for helping out while I was away, and Mark Turner, the photographer.

Our community and PTSO give our kids a wonderful gift as they head off to college. Hopefully the docudrama will remind our college students to never get in a car of a drunk driver.

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Perhaps this dramatic production will save a life.

Lisa Wilson

PTSO docudrama coordinator,

Park City

Letter was filled with race-based innuendos


I was pleased to read newly elected state Republican Chairman James Evans confidently express his commitment to Summit County in the April 21 edition. I am disappointed with Summit County Democratic Chairman Glenn Wright, whose letter to the editor last week was filled with race-based innuendos of criminal activity and images of large "enforcers" who looked like NFL linebackers beating up people to collect on payday loans. All to discredit Mr. Evans, who owns a large payday lending company and looks a little like an NFL linebacker.

I think it is a leap forward for the Utah Republican Party to have an African American chairman. It reflects a more moderate and inclusive state Republican Party that I fought in my years as county Republican chairman to bring about. I know Mr. Evans. He will be a great successor to Summit County businessman Thomas Wright as state chairman.

As Glenn pointed out, the Democratic values of government-rationed health care and job-killing regulation appeal to the partisan Democrats in Summit County while the Republican values of lower taxes, small-business formation, and less intrusive government don’t. I agree with Chairman Evans that many in Summit County are ready to embrace values that create jobs and stimulate the economy, and it would not be out of the question for Republicans to sweep the local elections.

At a time where we are all celebrating the hard work of our Park City teachers and the accomplished students they have graduated in 2013, let’s agree to embrace good policies that allow them to live and work near where they grew up rather than leaving the state to find quality jobs. Some county elections are necessarily partisan, but comments like Glenn’s will not bring about better government, just more gridlock.

Henry Glasheen

Park City

A perfect day for the PC Children’s Fair


One of our teachers mentioned yesterday that it never really feels like summer until the Park City Children’s Fair so now we can officially welcome summer! It was a perfect day in the park for our 20th annual Park City Children’s Fair. Children were laughing and parents were smiling as our little school worked hard to raise funds just to be able to give them all away. Our elementary students get such joy out of giving money away to organizations of their choosing all that are child and environment-oriented, of course. We would like to acknowledge the following people in particular who helped make our 20th year a tremendous success: Amy Courage; Karen Mertens; Brooke Brink; Beth Silvero; Paul Brewer (funny MC and talented magician who always wows the crowd); Marcus with A-Lot-of-Fun-Stuff with his games and inflatables, it is easy to keep children of all ages entertained; Pony Haven year after year they are the ones who give our city kids a taste of the country; Max Paap the first one there making sure everything was ready to go; Kurt Simister who always shows up to ensure our safety for the event; and all of our supporters in Park City who understand and appreciate our mission at Soaring Wings International Montessori School

Thank you,

Lina Singleton, AMS

Director, Soaring Wings Montessori School

Bring back the $3 fee on Mirror Lake Highway


The Forest Service has a proposal open for comment. It is called the Mirror Lake Scenic way Fee Program (Proposed Changes). Deadline for comments is July 31, 2013.

Mirror Lake Highway is part of Summit County. We need to protect our forest, the "Wasatch of Summit County."

Our government is running out of money. This fee helps pay to clear our trails. It grooms our cross-country ski trails, and cleans and furnishes our rest areas and trailheads, etc. That is the only reason I am for a pass program. That is why I want the one-day $3 pass put into the existing fee schedule.

I would like to see the fee as follows: one-day pass, $3; three-day pass, $6; weekly pass, $12; annual pass, $45; and the senior pass, America the Beautiful, $10.

Most people want to use the highway for one day to take their families and friends to go fishing, horseback riding, walk a dog, picnic, snowmobile, or just enjoy the forest in their own way.

It is up to the people that read this to make a difference. Send your comments to vdaniel@fs.fed.us

Bobbie Williams

President, Friends of the Western Uintas


They helped bring an amazing Children’s Fair


I would like to thank the following individuals for helping us execute another amazing Park City Children’s Fair: Mother Nature (perfect weather!), Leah Linebarger, Julie Manning, Michelle Aldrich, The Bush Family, Pat Quigley and the "Savor the Sun" Rock Band, Park City Pizza, The Snack Shack, NY Johnny’s Italian Ice and SWIMS teachers, staff and their families. Thanks to everyone that attended!

See you next year!

Amy Courage

Park City