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Letters to the Editor, June 7-10, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Children’s Fair is all grown up


Our 21st Park City Children’s Fair ‘came of age’ last weekend as the skies cleared to reveal perfect weather for our annual kick-off to summer! The event was our best yet, and we raised a record-breaking amount to give away to local non-profits, selected by our school’s elementary students. Soaring Wings International Montessori School’s elementary classes will have a grand time taking field trips to these organizations next year to hand out the money raised.

As the Fair Chair, I would like to personally thank the City for their help in making the day perfect. I would also like to thank Randy Barton for always helping to communicate what the Fair is all about and guiding our students that go on the air @KPCW every year! Lastly, I would like to thank PCPD for their attendance and bike safety course – and PCFD for allowing the children of Park City to take a look inside a real fire engine.

It was all smiles as the day ended … we are already planning for another great year in 2015!

Lina Singleton, Director

Soaring Wings International Montessori School

* * *

Running With Ed was a huge success


The fifth annual Running with Ed (RWE) 38-mile relay race was held on May 17 and was an incredible success. In just five years, this event has grown from raising $50,000 for the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF) to raising over $230,000. Thanks must be given to the PCEF Staff, the volunteer race committee, the race sponsors, the 100+ race day volunteers, and the 185 participating teams. As Fundraising Co-Chair, I’d like to especially thank the runners who went the extra "step" and fundraised for PCEF. For many teams, the fundraising competition is the highlight of the race and this year was no exception.

Together, the 60+ teams asking friends and family for donations, raised over $118,000! Every year, more and more teams have participated in fundraising and it’s been an honor to encourage these teams along their fundraising paths. Every donation, no matter how small, is needed to reach our fundraising goal. Thanks to the hard work of these teams, we blew away our 2014 fundraising goal of $75,000.

Please look for members of the top three fundraising teams wearing their "Above & Beyond" shirts around town.

Additionally, this is the second year that Park City Realtor groups have joined the fundraising fun. Three Park City Realtor groups competed for recognition as the best team and raised over $20,000. Thank you for supporting our schools.

There truly is no race like Park City’s Favorite Fundraiser, Running with Ed. Because of all your donations, large and small, we had a record-breaking "Celebration of Education!"

Elissa Aten

RWE Fundraising Co-Chair

* * *

School board lauds outgoing PCEF president


On behalf of the Park City School Board I would like to thank Kathy Pederson for serving as president of the Park City Education Foundation the past two years. Kathy has dedicated many years as a member of the board where she served as vice-president prior to being president.

It has truly been an honor to serve with Kathy and to watch her passion for the education of our students. During her time as an officer PCEF has experienced unparalleled growth in both fundraising and in investment back into our schools. It is community members like Kathy that make Park City such a special place and we are fortunate to have her lead PCEF. I know that even as she steps down from the office of president that she will continue to advocate for the children of our district.

Moe Hickey

Park City School Board and PCEF Board Member

* * *

Spanish-speaking students set high standards for next generation


Friday, June 6, 17 English Language Learners in Latinos in Action and Content Link 12 accepted their high school diplomas. These students, many of whom were the first in their family to graduate, are paving the way for future generations. In Park City, our Latino students know that graduation is the rule, not the exception.

Thank you, PCSD teachers, para-professionals, counselors and administrators (K-12) for your support. Thank you to all our community mentors, for helping these seniors navigate their way in college. Thank you, for the scholarships your foundation has provided for our students. You have opened the doors to kids not eligible for federal aid.

Finally, we’d also like to express our appreciation to The Montage, Deer Valley, for graciously hosting our ELL senior dinner. What a treat for our students and their families! Park City is truly a special place where our collective efforts are changing lives.

Anna M. Williams, Ali Webb

Park City High School