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Letters to the Editor, March 12-15, 2016

A special thanks to Rena!


The Administrative Control Board of the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation Service District would like to thank Rena Jordan for her outstanding efforts in building the Basin Recreation program and team during her 7 year tenure as District Director. The District has changed and grown in leaps and bounds with new projects and responsibility in providing public recreation, parks, trails and open space opportunities for the citizens of Summit County. Rena invested much of her time to produce a high functioning work team and getting projects done for public benefit. We wish Rena the best in her new adventure and appreciate the passion and dedication Rena gave in making Basin Recreation the best!

Cathy Kahlow

Board Chair

Snyderville Basin Recreation District

* * *

Tax season


Just did my taxes. A couple of things jump out. This country needs to get its spending in order. We cannot continue to spend more than we take in. Can’t do it in our households, shouldn’t be able to do it in the government. $19-20 TRILLION in debt. That’s crazy.

The tax structure has got to be reformed. 47 percent of the population pays no taxes at all! WE need to get everyone on board to pull their fair share.

"The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight–that he shall not be a mere passenger " T Roosevelt. Love that quote.

I ask that you look at your tax statement in April and find out how much you had to PAY. Tax reform would happen overnight if we had to write a check every month to cover our taxes, as we do with mortgages, car payments, etc. It would become apparent how much we pay the government monthly.

One last thought. Unless doctors and professors decide to work for free, there is no such thing as FREE healthcare or college. Somebody is paying that tab. That would be the tax payer!

Vote wisely this November.

Chris Henderson

Park City

* * *

If you see moose, do not call, drive slower


This year, due to the loss of undisturbed habitat in White Pine

canyon, which now connects two, formerly distinct, ski areas, moose

have appeared in local yards to find food and shelter. People have

called animal control to relocate local these moose, which have most

often died when relocated. We need to keep our moose. Moose preserve

the health of forests that contribute to clean air and water. This

helps to prevent forest fires and global warming.

Plant biodiversity sequesters carbon. Global warming is caused

equally by land turning to desert as by burning fuels. Herding animals

created plant biodiversity by moistening the soil and spreading seeds.

Moose provide habitat and food for other smaller animals, including

birds. Herding animals can restore destroyed land to lush greenness

by a process known as "intensive rotational grazing" mimicking the

natural habits of grazing animals and predators like wild cats.

Without herding animals, Park City’s local forests will eventually dry

out and become baron. Park City’s giant success as a ski area could

contribute to local global warming and eventual loss of climate

supporting skiing. We need to do more, immediately, to prevent local

climate change caused by eliminating local moose populations and

endangering local forest health! Perhaps we could build animal

bridges across highway 40, 80 and 224. Other locales have built

animal bridges planted on both sides with evergreen bushes so that no

one can see the animals crossing. Perhaps, we need to make slower

nighttime speed limits to save animals, who might be crossing at

night. To reduce global warming, we could all sequester more

plant-life and provide habitat by allowing taller native flora to

grow, rather than having short mowed lawns or desert rock gardens.

Wildlife biologists may be able to help us plan.

Kathy Dopp

Park City

* * *

Student thankful for UofU trip


Going to the U was a great experience. It was amazing to get an insight on how things work and what we can do to get into a university. I was really interested in everything that the people presenting had to say. Some of the people there talked about what their experiences were and what they did to get into college. I as a Latina have many people saying "I can’t do it" so hearing and seeing Latino people in the university made me feel like I can do whatever I put my heart to. The university made me realize a lot of things; it made me think a lot about my future and how I want it to be. I want to make a difference, and I want to show people that I can and I will do whatever it takes to be better. I honestly feel that if I think I can and push forward to show people that I can, I will make it far. I believe I will and as long as I believe that I’ll achieve more than I think. It’ll take time, and I know it, but I will give it all I’ve got and prove everyone that said I couldn’t wrong. Thanks to PCEF and Kelly Thomas for making this unforgettable trip possible.

Vanessa Heredia

Park City

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